Asylum Lawyer in Germany

Recently, there are millions of people on the run to escape from violence, war and prosecution. Many of those are forced to abandon their home country and decide to seek for asylum in Germany as a safe place. In Germany, the right of asylum is of constitutional rank; however, it has been restricted under constitutional law in the nineties and is ever since recorded in article 16a of the German Constitution.

As a consequence of this constitutional change refugee protection gained in importance after the Geneva Convention on Refugees. It is § 3 of the asylum law that determines who has the right of recognition as refugee in the sense of the Geneva Convention on Refugees.

What might seem like clearly defined legal regulations nevertheless frequently imposes legal as well as bureaucratic problems on the people that arrive in Germany seeking refuge and safety, since there is a multitude of further regulations that applies for asylum seekers and refugees and is frequently affected by significant changes. On top of that, the European Community Law is of great importance for the application of these regulations.

Therefore it is important to contact a qualified german asylum lawyer who has the know-how concerning the community law on national level also extensive proficiency of the European sources of law as well as experience with the situation in the home countries of his clients, in order to incorporate this knowledge into his counselling. This ensures that your right to protection and security can be effectively enforced.

Our services at a glance:

  • Assistance with the Asylum Application procedure
  • Political asylum cases
  • Representation in asylum proceedings (Inside and outside the court)
  • Advice and representration throughout the lawsuit until the clearance decision by the Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees (BAMF) or the administrative court

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