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One of modern Germany’s finest attributes is how highly human rights and freedoms are valued. This fact is reflected in the German constitution (das Grundgesetz) and its emphasis on the value and inviolability of human dignity (§1 Grundgesetz). Germany is known for offering refugees and asylum seekers protection. This protection is offered to asylum seekers who fear persecution and who cannot return to their home country. However, asylum law in Germany is not always straightforward and availing of the services of an asylum lawyer is always advisable in difficult cases.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte our particular focus is in the field of political asylum, those who are seeking asylum because they may face persecution based on their political activities or opinions. Our lawyers have worked with clients from all over the world including politicians, military personnel, religious leaders and more in their asylum applications. We are can confidently guide you expertly through the entire process. Contact us today should you require specialised legal service from experts in the field of German asylum law.

Political Asylum law Expertise

The political asylum lawyers at Schlun & Elseven are hereto assist you in all matters involving asylum law and German immigration law, from applications for asylum to asylum litigation and family reunification.  Our services include the following:

Who Qualifies for Political Asylum in Germany?

In Germany, the right of asylum is on a constitutional footing under § 16a Grundgesetz. The Asylum Act is a further legislative instrument that has been introduced to regulate this area in more detail. It is quite clear that the right of asylum is not without limitations and that certain expectations are required to be met. Therefore, availing of legal advice from an asylum lawyer is of the utmost importance on this matter. Political asylum consists of the need to leave your country due to fear of persecution because of factors such as your political beliefs or actions, your race, your religious beliefs or your membership of a particular group.

To ensure that the right applications are made to the relevant authorities, it is recommended that you obtain competent legal advice from a German asylum lawyer. Our clients in the field of asylum law come from all social classes. We represent asylum seekers fleeing war, people persecuted for their sexual orientation or faith, highly respected politicians, military personnel and religious leaders who have to leave their country due to political persecution.

Why is a German Asylum Lawyer Necessary?

What might seem at first like clearly defined legal regulations nevertheless frequently imposes legal and bureaucratic problems on people arriving in Germany seeking refuge and safety. This arises due to the multitude of further regulations that apply for asylum seekers and refugees. On top of German regulations, European Community law is also of great importance for the application of these regulations.

Therefore it is important to contact a qualified German asylum lawyer who has the know-how concerning asylum law on a national level while also providing further extensive knowledge of European Union law. Furthermore, it is beneficial to have counsel who values the individual experiences of their client while providing understanding of the situation in the home countries of that client. Having these elements allows for the legal representative to incorporate these factors into their counselling. This ensures that the client’s right to protection and security can be effectively enforced.

No matter how well you prepare in advance of your interview and in your application, having expert guidance from experienced political asylum lawyers is key to success. We know the requirements of the German asylum process and we will use our experience for the benefit of your case. Moreover, when it comes to further services such as family reunification our team can lead the way in your case. Essentially, our lawyers will resolve all of your legal concerns in the field of German asylum law. Contact us now to benefit from our expertise.

The Asylum Process in Germany

In order to apply for asylum in Germany the presentation of your application must be made in Germany. However, our lawyers can start working with you on this process before you even reach Germany. The presentation of your application will be made to the responsible authorities such as the Anlaufstelle Neuankömmlinge (New Arrivals Contact Office) whereby you will need personal identification documentation (passport, ID, driver’s licence or birth certificate) as well as your application.

Our lawyers will oversee your application and thus provide you with the best chance of success when it comes to determining your status in Germany. During this application process we will not only take charge of your bureaucratic requirements but also prepare you for your interview. We have represented the cases of our clients before the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and know the necessities which need to be fulfilled to gain political asylum in Germany. Should your attempt at asylum be unsuccessful on the first attempt our team can also lead the way on your appeal case.

Once your asylum status has been confirmed in Germany our lawyers will help you with setting up your new life. A successful application will grant you a temporary residence permit in Germany as well as other entitlements. Once this has been achieved our law firm can provide on-going expert legal support throughout your time in Germany.

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