About Dr. Matthias Wurm, LL.M.

Dr Wurm joined the law firm Schlun & Elseven in 2021. He mainly advises international clients and specialises in corporate law, contract disputes, commercial law and in mergers & acquisitions.

Cannabis – The Current Legal Situation and Political Developments in Germany

It is one of Germany's most commonly distributed and consumed drugs - cannabis. As far as the legal situation in Germany is concerned, the production, trade and all activities related to this substance (which is considered non-marketable according to the German Narcotics Act Schedule I) are currently clearly regulated: acquisition and possession are prohibited; [...]

Ukraine: Supply Bottlenecks and Price Increases for Raw Materials – Contract Adjustment as an Exit

Events such as the Corona pandemic, the Ukraine war and the current energy crisis have clearly shown how susceptible international supply chains are to disruption. In recent years, repeated dramatic shutdowns and production losses have affected countless companies worldwide. The sometimes dramatic price increases for primary products and raw materials are affecting not only [...]

OneCoin Scam – German Lawyers representing Fraud Victims

Advancing digitalisation has undoubtedly contributed to the growing fascination around Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Nevertheless, it is important to note here that trading with digital currencies and the use of blockchain technology entail a number of risks and legal issues as well as problems, as the current legal cases concerning the alleged cryptocurrency [...]

Model Release Contracts and Modelling Agency Contracts in Germany

Being a successful model and walking on the world's famous catwalks for luxury designers is probably the dream of numerous young people, especially young girls and young women. This dream remains prevalent through television shows like "Germanys Next Topmodel" and similar formats. Models are always in demand, even if usually for much smaller jobs. [...]

The Cultivation of Cannabis – Possibilities in Germany

According to Annexe I German Narcotics Act, cannabis is a non-marketable substance. The production, trade, and activities associated with this drug are clearly regulated in German law. Thus, among other things, the acts mentioned above and acquisition and possession are prohibited and, in some cases, punishable by imprisonment or a fine. Nevertheless, there is consideration [...]

Coinbase Hacked: What are my options?

Cryptocurrencies enjoy great popularity, and trading in Bitcoin and other currencies is steadily increasing. But it also harbours many risks and dangers. Not only are cryptocurrencies subject to considerable price fluctuations, and they are therefore associated with significant risks of loss. The rising trade in cryptocurrencies also leads to increased fraudulent activities and hacker [...]