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Entertainment: The entertainment industry thrives on the diversity of its content. It is also an area that is currently experiencing rapid growth and change. This is primarily due to the rise of the internet, which has completely changed the face of entertainment. However, with the inherent diversity of the industry, and the ever-changing technological environment in which it exists, a considerable amount of legal problems can and do arise. Those involved in the world of entertainment (regardless of whether it is film, television, radio, music, publishing, commercial theatre, multimedia, interactive media and the visual arts) cannot simply opt-out of these changes and they instead must be prepared to face them.

Schlun & Elseven lawyers serve as lead counsel in television, digital media and film financings, as well as in mergers, acquisitions and joint venture transactions for major motion picture and independent studios, production companies, private equity funds and sovereign wealth funds. Our knowledge of the entertainment and media industry, combined with our experience in M&A , give us the experience to execute M&A transactions across the industry.

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Gaming: When one considers gaming and the computer game industry behind it, one usually has the finished game in mind. However, behind every successful game there is an enormous amount of time and an equal amount of resources spent on the development, testing and financial planning of that game. These legal aspects are, of course, not part of the gaming experience for the consumer but it is essential for the creator to be in control of them to ensure that their product is a success. With this in mind, obtaining professional legal counsel can be the real difference between success and failure.

Gaming law plays a huge role in the industry from the very inception of a game development studio. Some of the issues involved in gaming law include the drafting of confidentiality agreements, the creation of developer contracts and availing of legal support in marketing campaigns. Laws specific to gaming often involve the regulatory intervention of the state through age restrictions and legal regulations on specific content (such as monetization through lootboxes and other in-game content). Streamers and e-athletes also experience complex legal difficulties and potential conflicts and thus should arm themselves with strong legal protection.

Legal Assistance in Gaming Law

When one bears all of this in mind it is vital to obtain legal assistance in this area. Our German gaming lawyers provide gaming law counsel and will be at your side with answers to all your questions. We combine our knowledge of legal areas such as Information Technology Law, e-Sports law, media law and trademark law with the requirements of gaming law to ensure you get comprehensive legal advice. With our assistance you will benefit from the individual advice and legal solutions for your projects allowing you to deliver the games of the future.

Below you will find a list of our services in entertainment & gaming law

  • Corporate Law
  • Administrative law
  • M&A Transactions
  • Employment law
  • Tax advice
  • Approval of trading licenses and permissions
  • Damage regulation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Copyright & Trademark

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