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Sports: Fair play is a vital part of all sports and one area that cannot be overlooked is that of legal fair play. In this regard, all athletes and sports’ teams need to be prepared to fulfill certain legal conditions and that they are able to deal with specific legal issues. Even at a very basic level there are legal issues involved in ensuring that teams compete in the correct league and that they are complying with the legal requirements of those leagues. But, of course, there are also more complicated questions concerning player contracts, sponsorship contracts and media broadcasting rights. Our lawyers are here to make sure that your athletic future is based on solid legal ground.

eSports: Over the last decade, the world of eSports has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The European market itself, which currently generates one third of revenue worldwide, is expected to grow to a volume of $400m by 2021. This phenomenon is accentuated further in Asia, where some of the best professional eSports players reside and compete. Some of the most popular eSports players there have public profiles as prominent as those of western celebrities. Following its incredible success and popularity, the professionalization of the eSports sector was a logical step. However, the process of professionalization has also been accompanied with increased legal issues such as player employment contracts, sponsorship agreements and a professional approach to payments, social security and employment conditions in general.

At Schlun & Elseven we have a multidisciplinary unit specialized in the German Sports & eSports sector, formed by a team of expert lawyers in many different branches of law such as employment law, commercial law, tax law, IT law and intellectual property law. Our team is also fully aware of the singular difficulties that commonly arise in this sector and are prepared and ready to be at your side with any legal difficulties you may face.

Sports & eSports – German Law Services

Both athletic sectors depend on more traditional (i.e. employment law, trademark law and company law) as well as industry specific legal services. At Schlun & Elseven we are experienced in working alongside game publishers in the area of Intellectual Property law, as well as in collaborating with tournament organizers to resolve issues concerning anti-doping regulation and anti-corruption rules. We have also had success when it comes to employment issues related to teams and players.

In summary the services we specialize in with regards to Sports & eSports in Germany include and are not limited to:

  • Player contracts
  • League participation agreements
  • Corporate and Securities matters
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Creation and review of licensing, development and distribution contracts
  • Drafting of terms and conditions of use and data protection guidelines
  • Corporate and tax structuring
  • Establishment of international group structures and tax optimisation
  • Protection of copyrights, naming rights and trademark rights
  • Acquisition and integration of companies
  • Advice on development, publishing and licensing agreements
  • Advice on esports franchise agreements
  • Advice on the acquisition, expansion and operations of esports teams
  • Media rights and broadcasting

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