German Lawyer for the Security and Defence Industry

Legal solutions made in Germany

German Lawyer for
the Security and
Defence Industry

Legal solutions made in Germany

In a world undergoing significant geopolitical change, the work of the defence and security industries is becoming increasingly important. This is especially true for defence companies working at the interface of economy and government. The projects realised by this industry fundamentally require highly efficient coordination of complex processes based on the division of responsibilities. This is why pervasive regulations are found here regarding contract law. Whether in procurement and supplier contracts, manufacturer contracts, subcontracting or licence agreements – to ensure that your interests are always protected, and the legal requirements are correctly implemented, it is highly advisable to consult an experienced lawyer.

The lawyers at Schlun & Elseven have a highly efficient combination of legal expertise and many years of practical experience in drafting legally complex contracts to develop the best possible solutions for their clients. We support you in drafting agreements and resolving conflicts along the entire value chain – from purchasing to production and logistics to distribution. Our team is characterised by discretion and confidentiality and can implement your interests and goals in the best possible way under demanding circumstances and strict security measures. We support private and state-owned companies in the defence and security industry in their national and international activities.

Employment law

Due to the high number of employees in the security and defence sector, efficient procedures to avoid legal disputes are of particular importance. Should these be unavoidable, our lawyers support you and represent you both out of court and in court. In addition, we help you draft employment contracts and ensure that they comply with the law and are free of faulty clauses. Our specialist lawyers for employment law, Dr Thomas Bichat and Jens Schmidt advise companies of all sizes on all employment law matters and explain your rights and obligations as an employer.

In the manufacturing sector of the security and defence industry, companies must have appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents. Unless companies take measures, they expose themselves to the risk of legal disputes. Our lawyers advise companies on introducing effective safety measures and private individuals who wish to bring claims for the lack of them.

Immigration and residence law: Shortage of skilled workers

To counteract the current shortage of skilled workers, more and more companies are deciding to hire highly qualified professionals from all over the world. To ensure that these plans are implemented correctly and by the law, it is advisable to obtain expert advice on the requirements under immigration law. The new Skilled Workers Immigration Act makes it easier for workers to enter Germany. Our lawyers for immigration and residence law will support you in applying for any residence title for your future employees – from the EU Blue Card to the ICT card and other visas. In addition, we provide comprehensive advice on the requirements to be met here and ensure that applications are submitted without errors and on time.

The law firm Schlun & Elseven is your reliable contact regarding the employment of foreign professionals.

Cybercrime and internet criminal law

Technologies such as the internet, Big Data, advanced analytics, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence are naturally impacting the security and defence industries. They present new opportunities but also significant challenges – including those of legal nature.

As the defence industry works with high-value, technologically complex products of existential importance for the security of numerous nations, data protection law provisions play a prominent role in this area.

Our data protection lawyers can provide comprehensive advice to ensure that your company is safe from legal pitfalls and that you can implement your project as you wish. They have extensive expertise and industry-specific knowledge in connection with cybercrime and internet criminal law, so you are always provided with the best possible support to resolve your legal matters.

Copyright: Protection of intellectual property, trademarks and patents

As in other industries, protecting your intellectual property is particularly relevant in the security and defence industry. The world is in a constant state of change due to evolving technologies and digital opportunities. This also greatly impacts the security and defence industry in the form of 3D printers or big data solutions, which create opportunities for innovative products and shorter development times. The law firm Schlun & Elseven assists clients who develop technologies required for defence and national security on the copyrights to be observed and the patent application.