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German Investment Fraud Lawyers

If you have been the victim of investment fraud in Germany or further afield, then you will need the counsel of experienced lawyers. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our lawyers have a deep understanding of investing in Germany, and our knowledge in the field of criminal fraud cases ensures that you have comprehensive and incisive legal counsel.

On this page, we will outline the most common forms of German investment fraud, what to be aware of, what steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of investment fraud and how our services as Investment Lawyers in Germany are of benefit to those looking to get ahead in their investments. If you need  assistance from German investment fraud lawyers, contact us by using the contact form below or send us an email at Once contact has been made, our lawyers will start the vital work for your case.

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If you have been the victim of investment fraud, the advice of an experienced lawyer is crucial.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our lawyers are in your corner.

Fraud Victims: Our Services as German Investment Fraud Lawyers

Knowing how to respond to a case of investment fraud is crucial. Many cases of fraud go unreported, and the scammers escape without legal consequence. Investment frauds can be very elaborate, and such schemes have also caught other investors. There is no shame in being caught by such fraud, and getting expert counsel is advisable. If you have been the victim of an insurance scam, responding quickly can be vital in successfully recovering your loss. Contact an experienced lawyer to examine your case, keep all the paperwork involved with the fraud and write down all the key points of the scam as they come to you. The more paperwork alongside facts and evidence you can bring to the table, the greater the chance of success.

Our lawyers are discreet and will guide you through the process. They will outline the options available to you. Depending on the facts of the situation, our lawyers will advise you on matters such as how to approach the authorities, whether it is possible to reverse a bank transfer or seek a refund through your credit card protections and with the closing of bank accounts. Additionally, our German investment fraud lawyers will analyse whether the case should be brought to court and keep your interests central to proceedings.

As well as in-court proceedings, our experienced German investment fraud lawyers work directly with business clients to shore up their systems on an ongoing basis. Our team will advise your business on investments that can be made and help avoid investment fraud happening in the future. Once a partnership has been established, our team will analyse risky transactions, examine whether the investments are worth pursuing and protect you from potentially damaging fraud.

Why Work with our German Investment Fraud Lawyers?

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our team will help you to find the perpetrators of the investment fraud, work with the authorities to block their bank accounts and secure their assets, and get you your investment back wherever possible. Our team advise a global client base and are comfortable going across borders when necessary. Should the case reach the courtroom, our lawyers will be by your side, providing the necessary advice and support throughout. Not challenging investment fraud can lead to dire consequences, as it may encourage the fraudsters to strike again or to share your information with other fraudsters. Companies have gone bankrupt due to investment fraud, and the longer a company waits to pursue the fraud, the less likely they are to recover their losses.

At Schlun & Elseven, our priority is being available for our clients to provide them with tailored and creative solutions. Our team will advise you on when to involve the officials, pursue the fraudster, and appraise the likelihood of regaining the investment. As experienced investment fraud lawyers, we are aware of the means pursued by fraudsters and will advise you on suspicious dealings. Below, we have outlined some particular investments to be concerned about.

Sanctions for Capital Investment Fraud under German Law

Should a case be pursued and the accused has been found guilty of fraud, they can then face up to three years imprisonment per § 264a StGB. The law states the following:
(1) Whoever, in connection with

  1. the sale of securities, subscription rights or shares which are intended to grant the holder a share of the enterprise’s profits or
  2. an offer to increase the capital investment in such shares,

makes incorrect favourable statements or conceals unfavourable facts in prospectuses or in representations or surveys about the net assets which are given to a considerable number of persons and in relation to circumstances relevant to the decision about acquisition or increase incurs a penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a fine.

With the right legal advisor in your corner, representing your interests, it is also possible for you to recover any losses made during the course of the fraud. Although it is more difficult to do so in cases where the fraud was with an agent or company based abroad and in cases where there has been a time delay, it is still in your best interests to contact an experienced legal professional. Our German investment fraud lawyers will assess your case and provide you with clear and concise advice about the actions you can take.

How to Prevent Investment Fraud

Investment frauds can be difficult to identify, and some frauds are elaborate in nature. Here are some steps which investors can take to prevent themselves from being caught in a fraud. Please note that this list is based on some of the more common frauds our clients have experienced, and not every fraud will fall into these categories.

  • Very high returns promised: When faced with investments where the investor is promised very high returns, particularly those based abroad, caution is strongly advised. Allow investment experts to analyze what is on offer and to assess whether it is from a credible source. Similarly, it is best practice to get further advice before accepting an investment where the agent involved is higher than the normal commission rate. Allow our investment experts to advise you by examining what is on offer objectively.
  • Risk level not described: Investing carries risk. There is a certain level of risk involved in making investments, and it is a dangerous sign when the investment agent is unwilling to discuss the level of risk involved. Make sure you have the full picture of what is involved with the investment before taking action.
  • Investment based abroad: In the event of fraud, investments made in Germany are more straightforward when pursuing them in court. It is difficult to track foreign investments, and it often takes longer and can be more complicated. However, this should not be seen as a deterrent for pursuing major frauds that have occurred in an investment made abroad.
  • Refusal to meet in person: Investments where the supposed investment agent refuses to meet in person carry additional risks. This is especially concerning where the alleged agent has made the first contact. Once again, it is strongly advised not to commit to the investment until an outside advisor has examined what has been offered. Objective advice from experienced professionals will ensure that you take the actions suitable to your current situation.

It is often not worth the trouble to make quick decisions when it comes to investments. Work alongside reputable agents and research in advance. If you are unsure of an investment, then it is important to allow a German investment fraud lawyer to take a second look at what is on offer. Making the right choices from the start reduces the risk of investment fraud from occurring.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Forex and Investment Fraud in Germany

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become more accepted as valuable commodities globally, there has been a corresponding rise in investment fraud schemes targeted at them. As technology and innovations develop investors involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can find themselves vulnerable to unexpected investment frauds. Our team of investment fraud lawyers remain at the cutting edge of such developments, and provide our clients with vital insights and advice on suspected fraudulent activities.

Hackers frequently target digital wallets, and such successful hacks can be incredibly damaging. Phishing is also a popular means of gaining vital data to perform fraud. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive guidance on the actions you need to take in such situations.

Foreign exchange market (Forex) fraud is another area where our investment fraud law team provides clients with comprehensive service. Forex trading is often characterised by risk; however, losing out on your investment due to fraud should never be accepted. Our lawyers will work tirelessly alongside you to recover any losses made because of Forex fraud. Should you have reason to believe that your Forex broker, or any other party involved, acted in a fraudulent manner; please contact our legal team directly to receive specialised advice. From the start, our team will outline the options available to you and from there will work tirelessly to pursue every possible avenue of legal service that your rights are protected.

Real Estate, Financial Fraud and Other Investment Fraud in Germany

Real estate can make for a valuable investment in Germany. However, it is another market that is open to fraudulent activity. Misrepresentations concerning vital features of the property, hidden defects and important omissions can lead to investors purchasing property based on misconceptions. Similarly, buyers can also mislead sellers by purchasing under false information or even stolen personal information. Allowing our lawyers to perform the necessary due diligence can be the difference between being scammed and successfully investing in real estate.

Our lawyers also advise our clients on investing in cars, gold and other assets. Within our services, we ensure that our clients do not get caught up in fraudulent activities and advise them on risky transactions. .

Accusations of Fraud: Our Services

If you have been accused of investment fraud and require legal counsel, don’t hesitate to contact our firm directly. Unfair accusations of fraudulent practices can cause great distress and reputational damage. Before contacting our lawyers, it is advisable to collect the important paperwork relating to the case and to have the facts ready for our lawyers to examine.

Our team will then analyse your case and provide you with insightful advice on how best to proceed from there, and should the case reach the courtroom; our lawyers will be there to defend you. It is often preferable to resolve matters outside of court. Such cases tend to be time-consuming, costly and can also lead to reputational damage; however, this is not always possible. As experienced defence counsel, our lawyers are very familiar with the applicable legal procedures and how best to conduct the proceedings.

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