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As a lawyer specialising in landlord and tenant law, Dr. Tim Schlun works on issues concerning leases, rent reduction, termination for the landlord’s own use, and eviction proceedings daily. In addition to working full-time as a lawyer in our offices in Aachen, Cologne and Dusseldorf, he is also the director of a real estate management company and acts as the trusted lawyer of the Heinsberg Association of Homeowners. As well as this he advises the Heinsberg District Association of Craftsmen on construction issues. Dr. Schlun is also our main attorney when it comes to issues concerning construction and real estate issues.

Tensions between landlord and tenant are not a rare occurrence in leases. Often, there is a conflict between the protection of the tenant on the one hand, and the rights of the landlord on the other. If you wish to safeguard your rights as either landlord or tenant, it may be useful to obtain legal assistance.

Expertise in Landlord and Tenant Law

We are happy to assist you with our experience and competence in our offices in Aachen, Cologne and Dusseldorf, as well as further afield, in areas ranging from the drafting and inspection of leases to rent reductions, eviction proceedings, and repair claims, as well as termination on ordinary and extraordinary grounds, and representation in court. We represent both tenants and landlords, and are therefore very familiar with both sides to the conflict, which enables us to assert your rights in a particularly efficient and goal-oriented way.

Below, you can see a list of our landlord and tenant law services:

  • Business tenancies
  • Termination
  • Defective premises
  • Rent reduction
  • Rent increases
  • Leases
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Residential tenancy law

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Dr. Tim Schlun


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Schlun & Elseven will provide assertive representation in tenancy law issues concerning both business and residential leases.

Litigation in Landlord and Tenant Law

There are cases in which a court dispute cannot be avoided, or is necessary to assert your rights. However, it is then of particular importance that all previous steps have been carried out correctly and are not vulnerable to legal complaints.

Example – reasons for termination: When terminating a lease, it is important to make sure that all reasons on which the termination is based are listed in the termination notice. If any are forgotten or left out for other reasons, it is not possible to rely on them later. If the case proceeds to court, this may become a problem. Further, notice periods prescribed by law must be observed. In order to avoid mistakes that could eventually endanger the whole termination and any lawsuit based on it, Dr. Tim Schlun will assist you in our offices in Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf, as well as advising on all questions surrounding termination.

The firm Schlun & Elseven represents both landlords and tenants in all tenancy law related issues, including residential and business leases, and flat ownership.

Landlord and Tenant Law: Residential and Commercial Leases

The main objective of residential tenancy law is to protect the socially and economically weaker tenant from arbitrary measures by the landlord. The idea of tenant protection is reflected in the legislative provisions limiting rent increases, as well as termination regulations.

The tenant is further protected by §536 BGB, which enables him to have his rent reduced if there are defects in the flat. However, there is a condition that the defect must be material enough to indicate a state of the flat which no longer accords with the standard stipulated by the contract. In individual cases, it can often be unclear whether this threshold has been reached, meaning that this is a common source of legal disputes. Further, cosmetic repairs and renovation can be a reason for tenancy law disputes. The question is generally who is under an obligation to carry out these works and who has to bear the cost generated by them. The situation becomes particularly urgent for tenants when the landlord is seeking possession or intending to bring eviction proceedings. In these cases, it is recommended that you immediately seek legal assistance to prevent grave consequences.

In the law of business tenancies, the social element on which tenant protection in residential flats is based is lacking. Therefore, the legal protection available to business tenants is not as strong as that available in residential tenancies. The business tenant instead has to rely to a much greater extent on a well-drafted lease agreement and the rights and obligations arising therefrom. It is therefore recommended that legal assistance be sought when the lease is drafted, so that any contract law mistakes can be prevented, as these may have dramatic consequences. In addition to landlord and tenant law, protection against competition may become relevant for business tenants.


You have received a notice of termination or want to draft one? In either case, it is often necessary to consult an experienced lawyer to assert one’s rights. Here, you can find the most important things you need to know about different types of termination in landlord and tenant law. If you have further questions about the different types of termination, you can contact us anytime.



Who can effect a termination on ordinary grounds, and how long are the relevant time periods? What is a termination for the landlord’s own use? Take advantage of our free preliminary assessment and explain your case, in the field of landlord law, to us via Mail or online form.


Under landlord and tenant law, both tenants and landlords can terminate on extraordinary grounds. The main difference between this and termination on ordinary grounds is the lack of a fixed notice period.


Termination for the landlord’s own use is a type of termination on ordinary grounds. In these cases, the landlord asserts his right to use the flat for himself or those close to him.

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