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Abschira Hassan

Mrs. Abschira Hassan is a lawyer in our law firm Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG. She advises and represents our clients in all areas of family law and immigration law.

Cross-border Family Counselling

Traditional facets of life such as marriage, work and the birth of children abroad has now become an international affair in our increasingly globalized world. This means that dealing with these special family law issues is more complex than ever before. Thus, gaining proper legal help requires a precise assessment of the respective situation. Ms. Hassan has extensive knowledge in this area and, as a Lawyer for Family Law, will advise you competently and goal-oriented in all your matters.

Family law is characterized in particular by the fact that it is not only about the abstract clarification of legal questions, but that ultimately it concerns one’s own private life. The legal questions are one thing – in addition, Ms. Hassan does not ignore the fact that this is a consultation in a very personal life situation and she looks after her family law clients according to this principle.

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Expertise in Immigration Law

The residence status of family members is closely related to the family situation. A divorce, a move abroad or a similar change can therefore have drastic effects on the residence permit. It is therefore of utmost relevance to keep these effects in mind when advising on family law. Ms. Hassan also carefully and competently attends to your case with regard to immigration law issues.

Rechtsanwalt Philipp Busse

Abschira Hassan
Family Law | Immigration Law