Rechtsanwältin Corinna Ujkasevic

Dr. Ujkašević

Dr. Corinna Ujkašević works as a lawyer for Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG. Her focus is on asylum and residence law as well as (European) criminal law and criminal procedure.

Focus on migration law

Dr. Corinna Ujkašević is an expert in migration law and therefore has the necessary expertise in questions of obtaining residence in Germany as well as naturalization. Already during her studies, she became enthusiastic about migration law and founded the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne e.V., a student legal advice center for refugees and migrants.

After her student engagement she is now on the advisory board of the association. In addition, she gained valuable experience in questions of citizenship law and naturalization of Holocaust descendants during her work at the German Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Your contact for labour migration

Furthermore, Dr. Ujkašević has extensive knowledge in the area of labor migration. She advises private individuals as well as companies on the application for work-based visas and residence permits. Whether you are applying for an EU Blue Card, a freelancer visa or an ICT card – Dr. Ujkašević will be happy to assist you in word and action.

National and European criminal procedural law

Last but not least, Dr. Ujkašević also has in-depth knowledge of criminal law and (European) criminal procedure. In the course of her doctoral studies, she dealt with the defense rights of accused persons in both national and European criminal procedure. She also worked for many years as a research assistant at the Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law at the University of Cologne.

Rechtsanwältin Dr. Corinna Ujkasevic

Dr. Corinna Ujkašević
Migration Law | Criminal Law