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Julian Graf

Julian Graf is an specialized attornery of Schlun & Elseven and is focussing on copyright, media, trademark and gaming law.

Intellectual Property lawyer

Mr. Graf has already worked in recent years as a lawyer for a non-profit consumer protection organisation in the areas of copyright and IP Law, as well as data protection, competition, freight contract and consumer law. There, he successfully dealt with competition law issues in a wide variety of areas, such as the social media, concert and ticket, gaming and video game industries. In particular, he accompanied the political process for the evaluation of legal measures against copyright warning abuse and was involved in various fundamental proceedings in the areas of digital data protection.

Lawyer Mr. Graf helps you to identify, protect, develop and make money from and enforce your IP rights. He is an expert in brand strategy and trade mark portfolio management, innovation and invention, designs, copyright and image rights. Mr Graf helps you to understand the german intellectual property law and to grow your business and increase your market share in Germany. As an IP specialists he negotiates and concludes licensing, franchising and joint venture deals and many other contractual arrangements that are right for your business.

Gaming Law Expert

Julian Graf has already focussed his personal interest on digital topics and especially in the area of gaming law. He represents clients as a video game lawyer across the technology spectrum, but particularly those associated with the interactive entertainment and software industries. If you are involved in video game development, a german video game lawyer is your best option for specialized defense against legal issues that may face your company.

Press contact of Schlun & Elseven

In addition, Mr. Graf himself has profound press and media experience, which is reflected in numerous publications and interviews in various online and print media as well as film and television, and also acts as a press contact for Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG.

Lawyer Julian Graf

Julian Graf
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