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Kerstin Wolters

Mrs. Kerstin Wolters is a certified specialist lawyer for family law. With more than fifteen years of practical experience in this field, she has extensive knowledge international family law matters and guarantees you competent and empathetic support for your case. She advises her clients in the field of German family law fluently in English and German.

What is a “Specialist Lawyer for Family Law”?

In order to become a specialist lawyer for family law, the lawyer must meet certain conditions. In particular, he/she should have been admitted to the bar for three years and have worked as a lawyer for the last six years before applying for a specialist title. § 5 b FAO (Specialist Lawyer Regulation) further describes that the family law attorney must handle at least 120 cases in the legal field.

If all these regulations are fulfilled, the lawyer can be awarded the title of “specialist lawyer for family law” by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers. To be allowed to retain the title of specialist family lawyer, according to § 15 FAO, every German family lawyer who holds a specialist family lawyer’s title must publish scientifically in their field of expertise every calendar year or take part in further specialist training events.

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Expert in German Family Law

This poses a multitude of challenges in family law: The circumstances of the individual case often require special consideration and it is often necessary to apply legal regulations in an international context as well. Ms Kerstin Wolters will advise you in the event of a separation or divorce in all matters relating to maintenance, custody or settlement of assets in Germany. Her expertise also includes issues such as the recognition of paternity in Germany or the drafting of German marriage contracts and, in particular, divorce agreements. The supervision of family matters In Germany and across national borders is another focus of her advisory services.

Experience in business consulting

In addition to her work as a lawyer, Ms. Kerstin Wolters was a member of the supervisory board of a public limited company for renewable energies for two years, in which she also worked as an authorised signatory for a period of three years. She has many years of practical experience in dealing with complex commercial law issues and in finding effective and sustainable solutions.

Lawyer Kerstin Wolters

Kerstin Wolters
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