Dr. Tim Schlun

Private and Public Construction Law, Leases, Flat Ownership, Landlord and Tenant Law, Service Contracts, Sales

Languages: German, English


Dr. Tim Schlun is a partner at Schlun & Elseven. He specialises in all aspects of land law. Mr Schlun advises clients particularly in the areas of leases, service contracts, sales, and private and public construction, as well as on issues arising out of the ownership of flats. Further, he advises the members of the Home- and Landowner Association Heinsberg as their lawyer of choice.

Short Biography:

  • Studied law at the Universities of Bonn and Vienna
  • Completed the First State Examination at the Higher Regional Court Cologne
  • PhD at the University of Trier under the supervision of Professor Dr Dr Kühne
  • Project manager at Schlun Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG
  • Training in the district of the Higher Regional Court Cologne, mainly in Aachen
  • Research Associate at the legal department of the Schlun Construction Group
  • Completed the Second State Examination at the Ministry of Justice NRW in Düsseldorf
  • Director of a property management company
  • Founding partner of Schlun & Elseven
  • Advises the members of the Home- and Landowner Association Heinsberg
  • Director of Schlun & Elseven Property Management GbR