The internet has created numerous new opportunities and possibilities and, unfortunately, room for attempted fraud. Thus, people from all over the world are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks and scams that induce them to transfer more or less large sums of money. The money is usually irretrievably lost.

A new fraud attempt is circulating that uses existing knowledge about the victims and our identity. Therefore, we would like to explain on our own behalf what this scam is all about.

Previous losses in crypto scams as a gateway

Trading with digital currencies and using blockchain technologies do not only entail risks due to fluctuating prices. It is common for people who invest more considerable sums to be deceived and defrauded of their money. The contact between the fraudsters and the victims is established through telephone calls, letters sent by post or e-mails. For a mail or letter to appear trustworthy, real persons or authorities are named. Also, entire websites are increasingly being “cloned”.

A new and current scam is now targeting those who have already become victims of a scam. In the past few days, our law firm has been informed several times that e-mails were sent in which a person claimed to be an employee of our law firm and claimed to be able to clear up fraud cases in cooperation with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Strikingly, the recipients of these emails had already suffered high losses from crypto scams. The aim seems to be to lure these people with fictitious offers of help and defraud them again. Although the recipients of the emails were not directly requested to make a payment, it is expected that such a request will be made later.

Note the following aspects:

  • The subject of the emails sent so far is “Recovery Plan”.
  • In the e-mails, a person usually introduces themself as an employee of the law firm Schlun & Elseven and claims that they are working with the FCA to solve all fraud cases in connection with trading websites.
  • You are asked to make an appointment with the author(s).
  • The author(s) call themselves “Tessa Kauffman” and “Emily Right”, among others.

We advise you: Do not respond to the email, do not disclose any information and do not make any payments!

Identity theft: S&E does not work with the FCA

Impersonating a legitimate authority or person and, defrauding people of their money – this scam is not new to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). What is particularly perfidious about it is that the authors often use the name and/or logo of a renowned law firm or a trustworthy authority to appear more respectable. In such cases, it is difficult for victims to recognise whether the sender is a fraudster.

For example, the name of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has repeatedly been used to make the person acting fraudulently appear more trustworthy. Currently, however, more and more e-mails are being sent in which the author claims to be an employee of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial supervisory authority that acts independently of the British government and supervises financial services companies in the United Kingdom. BaFin, which in turn is responsible for the supervision of the German financial sector, already warned last year against fake offers of help from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is said that it is becoming increasingly common for people claiming to be FCA employees to offer their help. This is a scam. In supposedly trustworthy-looking e-mails or calls, the recipients are told that they will receive assistance from the FCA to recover losses.

Example of a scam e-mail

The following is an example of an e-mail in which the author claims to be an employee of our firm and to be able to clear up fraud cases in this position and in cooperation with the FCA. Such or similar e-mails have not been written and sent by us. Our law firm and lawyers have no connection with the authors of these e-mails.

Hello, …

My name is Tessa Kauffman. I am an financial assistant.
I work for a company named Schlun & Elseven.
In cooperation with FCA ( financial conduct authority ), we are trying to help everyone that have been scammed by Trading websites.
You have been selected as a ” victim” of trading websites.
All we wanna do, is help you.
Schlun & Elseven and the state of Germany, are helping us to track down the one that scamed you.

The reason of this email is to gather some general information about the reason of your inactivity so then we can decide if your experiences are worthy to be part of the operation that our company has intiated to finally shut down the fraud companies that are deceving our customers so everyone can trade fair. The operation has already closed and imprisioned more than 200 ghost companies. This operation is still undergoing and until now it looks promising. Sir, we would like to hear your experiences again.

In order to proceed, we need proof of transactions regarding your situation. Please let’s schedule an appointment so I can walk you through everything.

I kindly wait for your response!
Thank you!

Lawyer: …

Tessa Alexandra Kauffman | Assistant