Criminal Liability for Falsifying a Vaccination Certificate in Germany

Since the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic were relaxed for vaccinated people, many fake vaccination certificates have been circulating. These are often forgeries by private individuals posing as doctors. These false vaccination certificate documents a vaccination against the coronavirus that did not take place. Quite a few people see this as a business [...]

By |31. December 2021|Criminal Law|

Could Cannabis soon be Legalised in Germany? November 2021

While some people deem the usage of cannabis as a youthful indiscretion, for others, it is a criminal offence that should be punished. German law clearly regulates, among other things, the production, trafficking and related activities concerning the drug. Nevertheless, cannabis is considered the most trafficked and consumed drug in Germany in the past [...]

By |24. November 2021|Criminal Law|

Coinbase Hacked: What are my options?

Cryptocurrencies enjoy great popularity, and trading in Bitcoin and other currencies is steadily increasing. But it also harbours many risks and dangers. Not only are cryptocurrencies subject to considerable price fluctuations, and they are therefore associated with significant risks of loss. The rising trade in cryptocurrencies also leads to increased fraudulent activities and hacker [...]

Police Summons in Germany – What to do?

German criminal procedure is designed to allow the accused to comment on an accusation. This opportunity is initially provided in the context of a police interrogation. However, if this may initially appear to be suitable to exonerate oneself, statements by the accused often lead to the accused incriminating himself. Therefore, you should not directly follow [...]

Unlawful Receipt of German Child Benefit Payments

The accusation of unlawful receipt of child benefit can result in criminal proceedings. This can come to a shock of many parents who aren't aware of this fact. Many are also not aware that should they or their children move abroad then they may lose their entitlement to child benefit. Not informing the "Familienkasse" (the [...]