Arbitration Lawyers Germany

Arbitration offers an alternative route for resolving disputes. It allows disputes to be adjudicated on outside of the courtroom and thus into a more private sphere. At Schlun & Elseven we offer our services in mediating disputes and representing clients within arbitration proceedings. On this page we will list our services, outline different forms of arbitration and provide more insight as to whether it is the correct path for you to take. As you will see there are some distinct advantages in using this mechanism. Following the completion of this page, if you are still unsure about aspects of arbitration, please contact us directly for more information.

Our Law Firm

At Schlun & Elseven we are a multidisciplinary and multilingual law firm. Our lawyers are also aware of the need for clear and easily understood communication. It is important that when dealing with complex legal issues that nothing gets lost in translation. Therefore, we offer our services in English as well as German. Our offices are located in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen with conference rooms in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. If you have any further inquiries that our arbitration lawyers can help you with, following reading this page, please contact us directly.

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