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German Attorneys
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Legal Solutions Made in Germany

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices have always been heavily regulated in Europe and Germany. However, legally complex regulations and guidelines also highly influence strategic decisions, such as how a product can best be placed on the market.

The German law firm Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte offers expert and committed legal advice to provide our clients with the support they need. No matter at which stage of the product life cycle you need our support (from innovation and development to the authorisation process and marketing), our lawyers are at your side with their expertise and extensive experience. Thanks to our German medical law background, the dual qualification of our founding partner and the technical expertise of our lawyers, our firm guarantees authoritative representation and comprehensive advice for our clients in the German healthcare sector.

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Schlun & Elseven: Our Legal Assistance for the Healthcare Industry

Many legal provisions have always regulated the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Therefore, effective cooperation between the individual players in the healthcare sector is only possible if the areas of law involved are subjected to careful legal examination in advance. This applies to the authorisation law applicable to the service provider (pharmaceutical and medical device law) and professional regulations (e.g. radiation protection law). Furthermore, vital aspects such as data protection, anti-corruption laws and ethical issues must be considered when planning and implementing a joint project.

Whether you want ongoing legal support and partnership with our firm or need a lawyer for a one-off legal dispute, our legal team is here to help you with any legal matter. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide clients in the healthcare industry with high-quality legal advice in various areas. In addition to medical law, we offer doctors, practices and clinics legal advice in German corporate law, tax law, intellectual property law and reputation management.

Our clients include hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics, health insurance companies, academic medical centres, and retail pharmacies.

Commercial Activities & German Contract Law

It is vital to have solid distribution networks with legal protections in place in the life sciences industry. Our lawyers are experienced negotiators, have a deep knowledge of commercial law in Germany, and can provide the necessary guidance for your company’s design of distribution and supply networks. Our team regularly designs and reviews contracts for our clients and can ensure that your contracts fulfil your demands while considering the unique aspects of the industry. Specific agreements our lawyers advise on in the life sciences and healthcare industries include (but are not limited to):

  • Clinical Study Agreements,
  • Collaboration and License Agreements,
  • Manufacturing Agreements,
  • Partnership Agreements,
  • Research Service Contracts,
  • Technology Transfer Agreements.

2020 has shown the value of force majeure clauses in distribution agreements and how and when they can be enforced. Allow our experts to analyse your contracts and distribution and supply agreements.</