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Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG is a full-service law firm who are active all over Germany. From our offices in Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf our legal team drafts and reviews contracts on behalf of both corporate and private clients. Our team will advise you on matters such as works contracts, online contracts, the termination of contracts and much more. Contact us now to benefit from our services.

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German Contract Law: Legal Advice

In the context of contract law, the range of legal challenges that can arise is extensive. Complications can arise from the start during initial contract negotiations, and the inclusion of general terms and conditions can prevent a contract’s successful conclusion. Additionally, there are numerous possibilities of conflict in the fulfilment of agreed contractual obligations and the assertion of rights and obligations and the termination of contracts. Particularly when complex contractual structures are involved, such as in the area of the sales contract and work contract law, it is recommended that you engage a qualified lawyer to protect your rights.

Our lawyers for contract law will take care of the examination and drafting of your contracts. The general terms and conditions, the observance of formal requirements and special features of contracts concluded on the Internet. Furthermore, we assist you in the judicial and extrajudicial assertion and enforcement of contractual claims and rights and the defence against other contracting parties’ unjustified claims.

German Contract Law for Business and Private Clients

Due to the interdisciplinary orientation at Schlun und Elseven, we are able to comprehensively advise our clients on special contractual problems in a variety of legal fields, including sales law, labour law, corporate law, commercial law, employment law as well as banking and capital market law. We advise both business and private clients in contract law issues.

Contract Law for Business Clients

Contracts are necessary in all aspects of business. Our contract will ensure that your contracts fit their legal requirements, are suitable for your company and its industry.

Contract Law Services for Business Clients

Contract Law Services for Private Clients

If you require insightful advice on contract law matters as a private client, please contact our dedicated German contract law team.

Contract Law Services for Private Clients

German Contract Law: From Conclusion to Termination of the Contract

General contract law forms the basic framework for all types of contracts from special areas of law. It is the basic tool of every lawyer. Irrespective of the classification of the legal facts you describe under a special field of law or a certain type of contract, our legal experts in the various specialist areas can therefore help you at any time in questions of general contract law.

As an important focus of our extrajudicial activities, we offer you our legal support in the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions. As a partner in contract negotiations, we ensure that decisive formulations are carried out precisely and in a way that will stand up in court, that formal requirements are adhered to and that the contract corresponds to your interests.

We comprehensively review contractual clauses, model contracts as well as general terms and conditions of business in order to prevent any disputes before the conclusion of the contract. Even after the conclusion of the contract, we take care of the assertion of your rights and claims from any contracts in and out of court or bring about the effective termination of a contract by revocation, withdrawal, termination or cancellation agreement.

Contract Preparation