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Legal Solutions Made in Germany


Legal Solutions Made in Germany

In the context of contract law, the range of legal challenges that can arise is extensive. Complications can arise from the start during initial contract negotiations, and the inclusion of general terms and conditions can prevent a contract’s successful conclusion. Additionally, there are numerous possibilities of conflict in the fulfilment of agreed contractual obligations and the assertion of rights and obligations and the termination of contracts. Particularly when complex contractual structures are involved, such as in the area of the sales contract and work contract law, it is recommended that you engage the legal team at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte to protect your rights.

Contract Law Services
for Business Clients

Contracts are necessary in all aspects of business. Our contract law team will ensure that your contracts fit their legal requirements, are suitable for your company and its industry. Here you will find our contract law services for businesses.

Contract Law Services
for Private Clients

Private individuals also require advice regarding contracts. Our team advises on enforcing and cancelling contracts, and the obligations of parties within contracts. If you require insightful advice on contract law matters as a private client, here you can find the services provided by our lawyers.

Full-Service Legal Advice: From Conclusion to Termination of the Contract

General contract law forms the basic framework for all types of contracts from special areas of law. It is the basic tool of every lawyer. Irrespective of the classification of the legal facts you describe under a special field of law or a certain type of contract, our legal experts in the various specialist areas can therefore help you at any time in questions of general contract law.

As an important focus of our extrajudicial activities, we offer you our legal support in the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions. As a partner in contract negotiations, we ensure that decisive formulations are carried out precisely and in a way that will stand up in court, that formal requirements are adhered to and that the contract corresponds to your interests.

We comprehensively review contractual clauses, model contracts as well as general terms and conditions of business in order to prevent any disputes before the conclusion of the contract. Even after the conclusion of the contract, we take care of the assertion of your rights and claims from any contracts in and out of court or bring about the effective termination of a contract by revocation, withdrawal, termination or cancellation agreement.

Contract Preparation and Review

Frequently, clear and precise formulations are necessary to secure one’s own interests for the future contractual relationship. It is therefore in many cases not advisable to resort to sample contracts from the internet. Especially not if the intended contractual relationship is to regulate a personal, complex matter.

Our contract law attorneys at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte have many years of experience in drafting, revising and optimizing contracts and are therefore happy to offer you the necessary support in your contract negotiations. In addition, when concluding and drafting contracts, we ensure that the decision-making process and the final contract as the end product of negotiations is in line with the current legal situation and that it stands up to the latest, highest court rulings.

The examination of contracts and contractual clauses for possible invalidity, nullity, contestability or incompleteness is of utmost importance not only before the conclusion of the contract but undoubtedly also after the conclusion of the contract. It is often only in conflict situations that it becomes apparent that formal and instructional regulations have not been observed or have been incorrectly implemented. This must be prevented in advance by prior checking of intended or submitted contract offers.

But even after a contractual relationship has already been established, we can carry out a detailed, in-depth contract review and assert your rights and claims. In addition, by means of a subsequent review of the existing contract, we ward off unjustified, ineffective, void or contestable claims and demands.

eCommerce & Internet Contracts

With the increase in the number of platforms for internet trading and e-commerce by companies, the number of contracts in Germany concluded via the internet has continued to rise steadily. It is impossible to imagine the modern economy without this type of structuring and conclusion of contracts. However, when concluding agreements on the internet, customers and the operators of online shops must consider some special requirements.

Our team advises and supports our clients in all matters, including the following:

  • The assertion and enforcement of rights and claims from online contracts,
  • The review of your online contracts regarding validity, nullity, voidability, voidability or incompleteness,
  • Creating the correct revocation instruction,
  • The review and optimization of online terms and conditions,
  • Adaptation of the ordering processes to legal requirements,
  • Compliance with data protection and the preparation of data protection declarations,
  • The transformation of your internet presence to the changed legal situation and the highest court jurisdiction.

As clients of Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our lawyers will inform you about which requirements must be met for a legally correct internet presence, how ordering processes must be regulated, and which instruction requirements exist. We keep an eye on the current legal situation and inform you about changes in the law and relevant high court rulings on the conclusion of contracts on the internet.