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The questions and problems arising in German inheritance law are diverse and at times very complex. Lawyer Dr. Bichat advises clients mainly on these legal issues and is familiar with the sensitive character that an inheritance dispute, often after an emotional death in the family, can have. In order to safeguard one’s rights and to prevent conflicts from escalating, it can be very helpful to obtain legal assistance.

Our law firm will represent your interests in all of Germany, and at our offices in Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf and our conference rooms in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. We also provide for Family Office services as another means of safeguarding the future.


Generally, one must differentiate between the situation before and that after death. We all must, at some point, confront the question of how to organise our inheritance. After death has occurred, it must be determined who the heirs are and what their respective entitlements should be. Dr. Thomas Bichat will assist you with all realted matters regarding your inheritance in Germany, so that your interests are safeguarded.

Below, you can see a list of our inheritance law services:

Before the testator’s death:

  • Assistance in drafting wills
  • Estate Planning in Germany
  • Drafting inheritance contracts
  • Advice on inter vivos transfers
  • Cases concerned with inheritance tax
  • Advice on endowments
  • Counsel on creating a healthcare proxy
  • Guidance on creating a living will
  • Advice on business succession
  • Representation in court

After the testator’s death:

Legal services for German Inheritance Law

Lawyer for inheritance law in Germany: Dr. Thomas Bichat

Dr. Thomas Bichat
German Inheritance Lawyer


Knowing that your inheritance is safe.

Schlun & Elseven will assist you in organising your inheritance in Germany or safeguarding your individual rights, both before and after the testator’s death.

Before the testator’s death

Some inheritance law issues will arise before a testator’s death: Who should my heirs be, and how are they to receive their inheritance? Can I transfer my assets to my spouse or children under favourable conditions during my lifetime? And how can I ensure that after my death, everything happens the way I envisioned? A lawyer will determine in a personal conversation what your wishes and ideas are regarding your inheritance and will bring this in line with German law in this field.

In particular where the drafting of wills and inheritance contracts is concerned, formalities must be observed to ensure the legal validity of these instruments. Further, the best solution should be found for all parties involved. In order to achieve this, it is recommended that you contact an German inheritance law specialist.

Court representation in inheritance disputes

It is quite common for heirs to disagree or to feel that they have been treated unjustly. This often leads to a trial in which the issues surrounding the inheritance, meaning mainly the interpretation of the will or similar instrument, are decided. The firm Schlun & Elseven will represent you in all inheritance trials with the necessary assertiveness, but also with the personal skills needed. We are not limited to acting in Aachen, Cologne and Dusseldorf, but can represent you throughout the whole country, as well as in international inheritance issues.

The testator has died – what now?

After the testator’s death, it must be determined who the heirs of the deceased are and who thus has a claim to the inheritance or parts thereof. Obtaining an inheritance certificate, too, for instance in order to cancel standing bank orders, can sometimes be difficult and should therefore be quickly and reliably taken care of by a lawyer. It should also be noted that it is possible to waive an inheritance, for instance if it includes debts.

In inheritance disputes in particular, a lawyer’s detailed inspection of the will, the inheritance contract or any other declarations made by the testator is indispensable. Often, such declarations are not entirely free of ambiguities and must therefore be interpreted. Lawyer Dr. Bichat will take on these tasks with legal expertise and the necessary interpersonal tact.

International Team of Lawyers

The international team of lawyers at Schlun & Elseven can advise and represent individuals fluency in the following languages: Arabic, German, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

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