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The World of Entertainment and Legal Advice

The entertainment industry thrives on the diversity of its content. Due to the power of the internet, this industry is currently experiencing rapid growth and change. However, with the inherent diversity of the industry, and the ever-changing technological environment in which it exists, a considerable number of legal problems can and do arise. Those involved in the world of entertainment (regardless of whether it is film, television, radio, music, publishing, commercial theatre, multimedia, interactive media and the visual arts) cannot simply opt-out of these changes and they instead must be prepared to face them.

The expert lawyers at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte serve as lead counsel in television, digital media and film financings, as well as in mergers, acquisitions and joint venture transactions. Our clients have included major motion picture and independent studios, production companies, private equity funds and sovereign wealth funds. Those clients have benefited from our knowledge of the entertainment and media industry combined with our legal experience to receive comprehensive solutions to their issues.

Entertainment and Gaming Industries: Links to Specific Legal Areas

The entertainment and gaming industries connect with a many legal fields in which our law firm advises. Our employment and contract lawyers draft and provide thorough reviews of employment contracts and other agreements, our intellectual property team is available for cases concerning trademarks and copyrights and we also provide clear advice on issues of administration law and corporate law among other areas. Here is a list of some of the connections between the different legal areas and their connections with the entertainment and gaming industries.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts
Employment Law Considerations
Business Immigration Law Concerns
Corporate Law Concerns
Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Data Protection
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Comprehensive Gaming Industry-Specific Legal Advice

Behind every successful game produced, there is an enormous amount of time and resources spent on its development, testing and financial planning. These legal aspects are, of course, not part of the gaming experience for the consumer but it is essential for the creator to be in control of them to ensure that their product is a success. With this in mind, obtaining professional legal counsel can be the real difference between success and failure.

The law plays a huge role in the gaming industry from the very inception of a game development studio. Some of the issues involved in gaming law include the drafting of confidentiality agreements, the creation of developer contracts and availing of legal support in marketing campaigns. Laws specific to gaming often involve the regulatory intervention of the state through age restrictions and legal regulations on specific content. Our lawyers provide the industry-specific legal counsel required to support your game development studio in Germany.

The Drafting and Review of Contracts

In both the entertainment and gaming industries, the durability of contracts is vital. Having a contract law expert in your corner to examine distribution agreements, contracts with suppliers, employment contracts and broadcast agreements is a step all of those in these industries need to take. Working alongside our law firm ensures that your company / studio receives ongoing support and ensures that you have an expert contract lawyer to negotiate new contracts and to review any that may need to be signed.

In commercial law, our team advises those in the entertainment and gaming industries on the options available to them in the distribution and sale of their product. Allow our lawyers to examine the distribution agreements your company has in place and explore what options are available to you.

Employment Law: Entertainment and Gaming Industries

Both the gaming and entertainment industries are unique in many ways, however comprehensive employment law advice remains a requirement for a well-run workplace. Our employment experts not only advise private individuals on their legal rights and represent them in employment law disputes, but they also advise companies on implementing best-practice measures. Having such measures in place act to prevent costly and time-consuming legal disputes from occurring. Receive comprehensive and informed advice on matters relating to providing instructions in the workplace, on employee data protection and on designing anti-bullying / anti-harassment protocols.

Our lawyers also deliver insightful advice on the termination of employment and where unfair dismissal cases can arise. As certified specialists in the field of employment law, our clients can be assured that Dr. Thomas Bichat and Mr. Jens Schmidt will provide excellent assistance and support in employment cases. Should cases reach the courtroom, you will have the support of lawyers with years of practical experience and deep understanding of the law.

Media and Press Law

Where a company or an individual operates in the entertainment industry, the need to protect their reputation is key to their further success. Disputes arise over the press coverage received by such individuals and companies and in areas such as image rights. Allowing defamatory remarks to pass uncontested can be damaging to a person’s reputation and to their potential earning capacity. With expert legal guidance and support, from our criminal law team, these remarks can be successfully challenged and under § 187 StGB defamation charges can be brought against those who made them. Furthermore, we advise on the right of individuals to have Google Search and other search engine results deleted.

Corporate Law Concerns: Entertainment & Gaming Industries

When establishing a new gaming or entertainment-based company in Germany, it is crucial to have the right legal advice. Our lawyers advise Start-Up companies on establishing themselves in Germany, paying particular attention to the form the company should take. In-depth advice from experts in the field of corporate law ensures that you are fully informed as to the best type of company applies in your situation. Overall, our aim is to ensure the establishment of your company occurs smoothly.

However, our support does not end following the establishment of the corporate body as our lawyers continue to provide on-going support to our clients. We advise CEOs, managing directors and other managers across Germany as to their rights. When our corporate clients find themselves needing legal support in (or out of) court, our lawyers are widely experienced and provide excellent support. Our team consists of experienced negotiators who are ready to resolve any issues which may arise, allowing you to focus on the running of your company and the production of high-quality games or entertainment content and products.

Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Our legal team advises clients in both the gaming and entertainment industries on their rights under German intellectual property law. Especially when designing a product, such as in gaming, it is critical to protect your IP and to enforce your claims when disputes arise. Your hard work and creativity should be protected and eventually rewarded, however, allowing our intellectual protection lawyers to oversee that safeguarding allows your company to focus on what is most important – the production of high-quality games. Where disputes do arise, our lawyers will outline the options available to you and enforce your rights in court where it is appropriate.

When designing a game and seeking copyright protection, our lawyers will advise you on what elements can be copyrighted and what elements cannot be. For example, your specific story lines and original music can be protected but general themes and elements (“scenes a fair”) cannot be. Additionally, logos and trademarks need to be kept safe. Such identifiers can be hugely profitable for companies and their products, provide them with tight security in the form of our legal experts. Contact us today to find out more.

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