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German Attorneys
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Legal Solutions Made in Germany

The retail industry in Germany has always been subject to constant change – not least due to ever-changing laws and technological developments. Therefore, reliable legal advice is indispensable to stay one step ahead and ensure consistent compliance with all legal regulations. With our in-depth expertise and extensive experience, we will support you to ensure your company’s continuous growth and economic success.

Our clients include managing directors, entrepreneurs, and national and international companies. Our legal experts will advise you on any legal issues in the retail industry and answer all your questions. With the right strategies and efficient compliance, your company can significantly increase its market share, gain new perspectives and expand into new markets.

Prepared for the Challenges in the Modern Retail Environment

Competitive pressures, the dynamics of a global, anonymous market, and rising customer expectations bring innumerable challenges to the retail industry. Therefore, legal support can be of great value to avoid risks and continue your quest for undisturbed economic success. Introducing innovative sales methods, using e-commerce, and the latest marketing strategies are essential for any business – whether your company operates online, offline or with a mixed approach.

Our legal team is available to advise you on your legal concerns and will work with you to develop a legal solution that is tailored to the needs of your business and industry.

Commercial Activities: Legal Advice

Solid and reliable distribution networks are an essential element to be able to continue successfully in the retail industry. Our German commercial lawyers support you in setting up an efficient distribution network. The conclusion of distribution agreements with commercial agents, commission agents and franchise companies play a notable role. However, there are different legal requirements to be considered for each of these target groups. Our lawyers ensure that all legal requirements for establishing and expanding your distribution network are met when drafting distribution agreements. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support in product liability cases and represent your company in related litigation. Our team of experienced negotiators and litigators is well-versed in the requirements of out-of-court settlements and litigation.

Sustainable and ethical business practices are becoming increasingly important in the age of transparency and are rightly expected by clients today. Our team of experts advises you on the possibilities of responsible and legally secure e-commerce. Furthermore, we support you in cross-border expansions that can contribute to further business growth while meeting customers’ expectations.

Commercial Property in Germany

In the retail world, a business’s location is critical to its commercial success. Our German real estate lawyers can help your business find the optimal location for a brand expansion or your new corporate headquarters. Before buying or leasing a property, our lawyers will conduct a thorough lease analysis or the necessary due diligence to ensure you get the best deal possible. As experienced negotiators, our team will support you in all discussions with the partners involved.

Our German real estate lawyers advise you, among other things, on the transfer of real estate property, the financing of projects, contracts and permit applications, and the purchase of real estate from abroad.

Corporate Law Concerns: Retail Industry

The retail industry is characterised by its dynamism and lucrativeness. A strategic move at the right time can lead to enormous growth and give your company a head start. Reliable legal advice on corporate structures, restructuring, organisational forms, mergers, takeovers, and international expansion is therefore crucial.

In addition, we support clients in complying with the respective legal requirements. Consistent compliance can avoid unnecessary, costly and time-consuming legal proceedings for your company. If a violation of the law is suspected, our competition and antitrust law experts will conduct appropriate investigations and audits for you. If your competitors are found to be in breach of competition law, our legal team will advise you on the best course of action and, if necessary, represent you in court.