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Sport lives by the highs and lows of what happens in the sporting arena, but the legal side of the sporting industry goes far beyond the field, hall or training ground. Sport is a significant industry where specialist legal services must place the unique aspects of the industry at the forefront. From employment contracts and sponsorship contracts to media broadcasting rights and establishing the rules for competitions, legal support is required when organising a sporting event, a league or a sports club.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, we are a full-service law firm with offices in Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf, as well as conference rooms around Germany. We offer specialist legal support for those within the sports industry and provide tailored solutions to their issues. Our legal experts offer exceptional support across many fields, and this approach allows your club to consolidate all of your legal services under one roof. Contact us now for direct and comprehensive legal support.

Tailored eSports Legal Solutions in Germany

Over the last decade, the world of eSports has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. This phenomenon is accentuated further in Asia, where some of the best professional eSports players reside and compete. Some of the most popular eSports players there have public profiles as prominent as those of western celebrities. In Europe, eSports are growing at a tremendous rate, with leading sports clubs, prominent athletes and large companies now significantly involved in the world of eSports.

Following its incredible success and popularity, the professionalization of the eSports industry was a logical step. However, the process of professionalization has also been accompanied by increased legal issues such as player employment contracts, sponsorship agreements and a professional approach to payments, social security and employment conditions in general.

Business Immigration Support for Sports & eSports Clubs

One of the critical areas of focus for our law firm is in the field of Business Immigration. In business immigration, we provide specialist guidance to companies looking to hire professionals from outside of Germany. § 22 (4) Employment Regulation – BeschV – outlines the requirements which need to be fulfilled for an individual to be granted a residence permit for sporting purposes, while § 22 (5) Employment Regulation – BeschV – provides those for eSports. The allowance for the so-called “eSports Visa” is a recent development in German law, and the requirements are essentially identical.

The eSports Visa in itself is a massive benefit to the industry in Germany, with greater recognition now given to eSport athletes and franchises. Furthermore, it ensures that franchises based in Germany have access to the best performers in the world. Our article on the topic of the eSports Visa outlines this development in greater detail.

Expect excellent support when looking to bring athletes from elsewhere into Germany. Our experience in the field and in-depth legal knowledge mean that you can be reassured in the legal advice received. Our lawyers will support you throughout the complex interactions and negotiations that may occur; our team will oversee residence permit application requirements and provide you with in-depth advice regarding the possibilities available to you under German law.

Whether you need advice on long-term resident permits or short-term visas for sporting purposes, our immigration law team provides solutions tailored to the world of sports.

Contractual and Commercial Concerns

When drafting and reviewing contracts, in the world of sport, the unique elements of the industry must be considered. From employment contracts to sponsorship deals and league participation agreements to broadcasting rights, all of these contractual matters should be overseen by contract lawyers with industry experience. Furthermore, our team of expert lawyers can be reached if our clients are in need of a considered legal opinion on contractual issues, legal interpretation or in the review of terms and conditions.

Our team of attorneys are experienced negotiators and have delivered suitable contractual agreements for clients in many fields. Thorough analysis and meticulous examination of contractual clauses will be carried out in any contractual review, while assertiveness in negotiations will ensure that your expectations and desires are at the forefront.

Sports and eSports clubs and franchises also often require legal assistance with the sale and distribution of merchandise. Our lawyers can design and draft your club’s distribution agreements and all other commercial contracts.

Corporate Law Concerns in the Sports Industry

When establishing a new company in Germany, it is crucial to have the right legal advice. Our lawyers advise Start-Up companies on establishing themselves in Germany, paying particular attention to the form the company should take.

In-depth advice from an expert in the field ensures that you are fully informed as to the best type of company that applies in your situation. When seeking to establish an eSports Franchise or create a holding company for a sports club, legal advice and support are required to ensure the establishment can occur smoothly.

However, our support does not end following the establishment of the corporate body as our lawyers continue to provide ongoing support to our clients. We advise CEOs and other managers across Germany and provide thorough advice and comprehensive legal support in their endeavours.

Should your group find themselves needing legal support in (or out of) court, our lawyers are widely experienced and provide excellent support. Our team consists of experienced negotiators who are ready to resolve any iss