Joint Child Custody International Cases: German Lawyer

Marriages and relationships are becoming more international. As people work across borders and move to the different corners of the globe, family law becomes more international and, in many cases, more complex. This is especially the case when children are involved.In German law, generally both parents are given joint custody in accordance with § 1626 [...]

Compensation for Hotels and Restaurants in Germany: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Is there a chance that a claim for compensation for hotels and restaurants can occur due to the measures taken during COVID-19? From the beginning of the pandemic of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in mid-March 2020, the hospitality industry was hit particularly hard by containment measures. According to the Federal Statistical Office, March already left [...]

Medical Negligence Lawyer in Germany

Medical negligence law allows patients to hold their doctors to high professional standards. It is not designed with the intent that every treatment needs to be successful but with the aim that medical professionals carry out treatment in accordance with high professional standards. If treatment errors can be shown to have arisen because of [...]

Real Estate Loans: COVID-19 Coronavirus

In our interconnected business world, the fallout from the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis will be felt in numerous areas. Difficulty in repaying real estate loans for companies and individuals is just one of these areas. The German state has taken some action in order to mitigate the difficulties which will unfold due to the crisis [...]