The role of diplomacy in extradition cases

Extradition cases are legal decisions whose legality is judged according to international treaties and national law. This involves two aspects: the sufficiency of the suspicion and the existence of all formal extradition requirements established by the competent courts. What does diplomacy have to do with extraditions? Diplomacy already plays a decisive role in the [...]

The Extradition of Roman Polanski

Almost 50 years on the run from his sentencing For almost 50 years, Roman Polanski has been evading the still-pending sentence he faces for having sex with a minor in the US. He was charged in 1977 and pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with a then 13-year-old. During the trial, an agreement was [...]

On our own behalf: “FCA & Recovery Plan” Scam

The internet has created numerous new opportunities and possibilities and, unfortunately, room for attempted fraud. Thus, people from all over the world are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks and scams that induce them to transfer more or less large sums of money. The money is usually irretrievably lost. A new fraud attempt is circulating [...]

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The Benefits of German Law for International Contracts

When choosing a legal system as the basis for your company's contracts, choosing correctly is essential. This article will outline the benefits and the challenges involved with German contract law. International contract disputes can be complex and challenging to resolve, as they often involve multiple parties from different countries and legal systems. They can [...]

Planned Developments in German Immigration Law: Migration Packages 1 & 2 | December 2022

In a press release dated 06.07.2022, the German Federal Government published the decision of a first "Migration Package". With this, the German government is pursuing the goal of bringing skilled workers from third countries and their families to Germany more quickly and effectively, as well as relieving well-integrated accepted persons in Germany of the [...]

Current Developments and Planned Changes with Regard to German Citizenship by Residency Dec. 2022

In principle, German citizenship is acquired by birth (ius soli) or by descent (ius sanguinis). However, it is also possible to acquire citizenship through residency. However, specific requirements must be met for this. With the planning of a new German citizenship by residency law, which is to contain relaxed requirements, citizenship by residency should [...]

Lifetime Gift Tax Exemption in Germany 2022

German law defines applicable lifetime gifts under § 7 ErbStG, and generally, they include: A financial donation without consideration, Compensation for a renunciation of inheritance or a waiver of the compulsory portion, Establishing a foundation with assets through a foundation transaction The transfer of assets and properties, The waiver of loans, Such gifts can [...]