How to Respond to Protective Shield Proceedings as a Creditor

Protective shield proceedings are used in Germany to allow companies to restructure themselves in the face of likely insolvency. Such proceedings can provide the debtor with time to restructure their company, with guidance from the insolvency courts, and, as long as they make progress, avoid insolvency proceedings. Protective shield proceedings are provided for in [...]

Persecution under National Socialism: Facilitated Naturalisation

§ 116 (2) German Constitution provides for former German nationals who were deprived of their citizenship for political, racial or religious reasons between 30 January 1933 and 8 May 1945, as well as for their descendants, to be entitled to re-naturalisation (so-called "Wiedergutmachungseinbürgerung"). Other types of naturalisation sometimes require a certain knowledge of German [...]

Cum-Ex Court Decision in Germany: July 2021

The recent ruling by the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe on the issue of cum-ex transactions looks set to have a major impact on numerous parties both in Germany and further afield. The cum-ex court decision at Germany's highest court ruled to uphold the judgment of the Bonn district court from March 2020, [...]

Proposed New EU Blue Card Rules: 2021

Proposed changes to the EU Blue Card were agreed on by the European Parliament and the Council, and they are part of an overall plan to change aspects of the European Union's migration policy. These alterations aim to attract more highly skilled professionals to European countries, including Germany, which should provide an answer for [...]