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Legal Solutions Made in Germany

Anyone confronted with extradition proceedings is undoubtedly in an exceptional situation in which their freedom appears to be threatened, and under certain circumstances, their physical integrity may also be at risk. This represents an enormous emotional burden for the person and their environment and entails inconsiderable risks concerning the considerably restricted freedom of movement. In such cases, highly qualified legal support is needed, which always keeps an eye on all the particularities of this situation and the parties involved. The German law firm Schlun & Elseven is a globally active legal partner specialising in the defence and prevention of extradition proceedings and Interpol activities. Whether by challenging the arrest warrant, the extradition order itself, or even a constitutional complaint, we use all available legal remedies to protect you from extradition.

Our extradition lawyers represent business clients, companies and the sensitive group of politically exposed persons (PEP) against threatened or initiated extradition proceedings and Interpol Notices.

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