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Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG is a full-service law firm who are active all over Germany. We offer our clients in the insurance industry comprehensive legal advice from one source combined with industry-specific expertise. Get to know us, our services and more about our insurance industry knowledge today.


Comprehensive Legal Coverage: Insurance Industry-Specific Solutions

Entrepreneurship and business of all kinds is characterised by risk, including for those in the insurance industry themselves. Events of damage can never be seen as a positive for a company, but taking the right precautions can result in the damage being quickly mitigated, without negative impacts on the finances of your business or on its interactions with other companies. Just as your insurance policies are there for your customers at time of crisis, our lawyers are here to guide your company through its legal disputes. However, with a productive legal partnership where leading advice is provided alongside industry-suitable company policies, such legal disputes can be avoided, and the company can run smoothly without costly court appearances.

At Schlun & Elseven, our clients in the insurance industry benefit from the advice of our lawyers in the fields of corporate and employment law, our thorough analysis and drafting of contracts as well as with counsel on issues of fraud, cyber-crime, data protection and much more. Should they find themselves in the midst of a legal dispute, they know they can rely on in-court representation from experienced lawyers as well as expert negotiators should cases be solved in arbitration proceedings.

As a full-service law firm our aim is to provide our clients, in the insurance industry, with all the legal protection and advise they need from one source. However, our assistance is required, the unique aspects of the insurance industry is kept central to our service and our insight and advice ensures that our insurance clients can stay ahead of the competition in the market. Contact us today to start a productive partnership.

Insurance Industry & the Law: Our Expertise in Specific Fields

Our full-service approach allows us to provide comprehensive assistance and insightful advice across the broad spectrum of legal areas in Germany. Below we provide an outline of how some legal fields interact with the insurance industry. If you have a specific legal situation which requires astute advice on or in which legal representation is required, our legal team can be reached through our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Business Immigration & Corporate Law Concerns
Drafting and Reviewing Contracts
Employment Law Considerations
Criminal Law & Litigation Services
Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Patents
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Challenges and Opportunities in the Insurance Industry

As globalization and digitization develop staying ahead of developments is vital for your company’s trading and services. Claims settlement are becoming more and more complex as cross-border damage claims are common practice in the business community. The increased size of the market and the ever-growing development and utilization of technology can present themselves as challenges, but, with the right precautions in place, these advances can be fantastic opportunities for your company. Awareness of innovative insurance products is one sure way of alleviating new threats that may arise from globalization and digitization.

In Germany, the insurance industry is complex, multifaceted and vast with over half a million people employed in the industry in Germany. Regardless of the size of your company, the right advice regarding business opportunities, policies and diversification at the appropriate time can be a game changer. In such a market, it is vital to build and maintain the trust of your customers, protecting your corporate image and intellectual property is one means of achieving this goal. When your company name is synonymous with success, your customers feel reassured.

Business Immigration & Corporate Law Concerns: Insurance Industry

Our team of experienced corporate lawyers are available for companies of all sizes in the insurance industry. We specialise in supporting companies bringing in top talent from around the world with a dedicated business immigration team available for that purpose. Additionally, we advise on all matters relating to expansions, from mergers and acquisitions advice to those looking to set up branches in Germany. When such expansions are in process, it is vital for competition law aspects to be taken seriously, legal compliance ensures that there are no unnecessary legal disputes further down the road. Should your insurance company require further optimisation, we advise on all matters relating to the organisation of businesses and their restructuring where necessary.

Here is a list of some of the services our team of corporate lawyers offer:

  • Business immigration – bringing in top talent from around the world,
  • Business structures and organisation,
  • Competition law and how to avoid antitrust practices,
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Compliance measures,
  • Strategic partnerships for your company,
  • The rights and responsibilities of managing directors.

Our aim with corporate clients is to create lasting partnerships. As a full-service law firm, your company can rely on Schlun & Elseven not only for once-off legal cases, but continuous, on-going support across the board. Contact us today to find out more about what we have to offer..

Contracts and Data Protection: Insurance Industry

In the insurance industry, the durability of contracts is critical to success. Working alongside Schlun & Elseven ensures that your company has access to expert contract lawyers who can thoroughly analyse and review the contracts and policies your company is seeking to enter into. Additionally, our lawyers will oversee the drafting of your company’s contracts to ensure that they are fully legally compliant. Paying attention to the individual terms and conditions is vital to this process. Our lawyers design solutions tailored to your company’s needs, with a central role given to the individual characteristics and requirements of the insurance industry.

Another vital aspect to be vigilant about is that of data protection. For our clients in the insurance industry, our legal team offers ongoing support on suitable mechanisms for both customer and employee data protection. Avoid costly court cases and reputational damage by having the required security and processes in place.

Employment Law: Insurance Industry

The insurance industry consists of companies of all sizes and the employment law challenges facing them will vary greatly. However, the need to have expert employment law support applies to all companies. Our certified specialists in the field of employment law, Dr. Thomas Bichat and Mr. Jens Schmidt advise our corporate clients on measures they can take to reduce the likelihood of employment law disputes arising. Our legal team assists companies in the design of anti-bullying and harassment measures, in implementing mechanisms by which employees can report problems and in overseeing of training of management and supervisors, as to ensure that they are compliant with their legal expectations.

For our clients operating across borders and those looking to benefit from the German market, our team also supports companies with the legal requirements when it comes to the posting of employees to Germany. In this we oversee the legal necessities relating to social security contributions and income tax as well as assist with all the necessary business immigration requirements. Similarly, we oversee such matters for companies based in Germany looking to post their employees abroad.

Criminal Law and Dispute Resolution

One of the biggest risks in the insurance industry is cyber-crime. New technological developments in the industry can leave companies open to such risks and challenges but receiving informed advice on means of reducing the risk of cyber-crime is crucial to combat them. Should your company find itself requiring legal advice on fraud or cyber-crime attacks, our criminal law team will advise you as to the options available and prepare for any court action which may need to take place.

Outside of court proceedings, our criminal law team can further support your company by providing training and advise on protocols and suitable mechanisms regarding the proper response to suspected fraud or cyber-crime. Prevention is the better cure compared to costly legal actions.

Should your company find itself in a legal dispute with other parties, our litigation lawyers will provide the expert legal assistance needed. Regardless of whether the dispute will be resolved by arbitration or in-court, our team can represent you with distinction.

Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Copyright

Your company’s intellectual property needs to have top legal protection, regardless of whether your company is a traditional player in the industry or one seeking to establish itself. Logos, copyrights, trademarks and other forms of intellectual property are what consumers associate with your company, and strong identifiers help to build brand loyalty. At Schlun & Elseven our intellectual property lawyers are available at your convenience for investigations into potential breaches of intellectual property law and to advise your company on what is permissible under the law. Should your company require representation in a dispute, you can rely on excellent support from our intellectual property law team.

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