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Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG is a full-service law firm who are active all over Germany. Our German citizenship lawyers offer our clients comprehensive immigration law advice and support from one source. Get to know us, our services and covered industries today.

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Our German citizenship lawyers are here to support clients on all matters concerning German citizenship. Our legal team oversees citizenship applications, advises on German dual citizenship and provides full support to our clients in any legal disputes. German citizenship is a possibility for those who have lived and worked in Germany for the required length of time, for those who marry German citizens and for those who can claim it through their ancestry. In particular, German citizenship by descent and ancestry can be a complex process, and professional legal support is strongly advised.

Dual citizenship is also a possibility in certain situations. German citizens seeking to gain another citizenship through that country’s ancestry laws, or by naturalization, may require a Retention Permit to maintain their German citizenship before making that citizenship application. Whatever your questions, issues or case in the area of German citizenship, our legal team is here for you.

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German Citizenship Applications
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German Immigration Law Experts Available Nationwide

Our dedicated German immigration law team advises both private and corporate clients on all matters in immigration law. For private clients, we advise on issues concerning relocating to Germany through visas, residence permits, family reunification and with German citizenship applications. Our corporate clients benefit from the services of our business immigration team. Our practice group oversees all of their German immigration law concerns including applications for the EU Blue Card, the ICT Card and other visas. Furthermore, investors and entrepreneurs benefit from full-service assistance with German residency by investment advice.

From our offices in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen as well as our facilities in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart our lawyers provide assistance nationwide. We counsel a global clientbaseand advise in English, German and other languages. If you have any issues regarding German citizenship law please contact us today.

German Citizenship Applications

German citizenship can be gained by birth, by marriage, by descent and through naturalization. The German Nationality Act (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz -StAG) outlines the legal requirements that need to be fulfilled under these different means. German citizenship by birth is provided for under § 4 StAG and although it can appear to be straightforward (“A child acquires German citizenship by birth if one parent possesses German citizenship…”), it can be a complicated process for those living outside of Germany. There are many benefits that come from holding German citizenship but it may result in the child needing to choose between German citizenship and the citizenship of their country of birth. Our German citizenship lawyers will answer all questions on this matter.

For those who have made Germany their home, becoming a German citizen through the naturalization process is an option available to them. German citizenship means that they will be able to vote in all German elections, they will enjoy the benefits of European Union citizenship and their future in Germany is fully secured. Our lawyers oversee naturalization applications and expert legal guidance ensures that the process is accelerated where possible. Similarly, we support applications for German citizenship based on ancestry and descent by those living outside of Germany.

Under § 17 StAG, German citizens can also lose their citizenship. This can arise in situations where the German citizen has gained the citizenship of another country without applying for the Retention permit (“Beibehaltungsgenehmigung”), where they have joined the armed forces of another country or by adoption by a foreign citizen. In disputed cases concerning the loss of citizenship, it is advisable to contact experts on German citizenship law. Our German citizenship lawyers are here to help.

German Dual Citizenship

German dual citizenship is a complex issue as the laws in Germany need to be followed and those of the other country. Many countries allow for dual citizenship, and in these situations, the case needs to be assessed from the lens of German law. Germany does not generally allow for dual citizenship, except for in the situation of it being with another EU country and Switzerland. However, exceptions can be found where the applicant has gained a Retention Permit (“Beibehaltungsgenehmigung“) and in certain situations based on the applicant’s family situation. However, some countries expressly do not allow for dual citizenship. These countries may require their citizen to give up their citizenship if they apply for another country’s citizenship. Other countries do not allow for their citizenship to be renounced, making applying for German citizenship by naturalization more difficult.

From applications for the Retention Permit and overseeing applications for German citizenship to answering all questions on the topic of dual citizenship, our German citizenship lawyers are ready to advise you. The decision as to whether dual citizenship applies in your situation will depend on its facts. Consulting with expert lawyers is the best action that can be taken. The consultation should take place before applying for citizenship as, for example, the Retention Permit needs to be obtained by the applicant before seeking the citizenship of the other country. Similarly, knowing if your country of origin allows for dual citizenship is a vital consideration before seeking German citizenship by descent or by naturalization.

The Benefits of German Citizenship and Other Services

There are many benefits to be gained from getting German citizenship. German citizenship not only opens Germany to its holder but also the wider European Union. German citizens have the right to European Union Freedom of Movement which means their citizens have easier access to other EU countries for work, study, retirement and other purposes. Moreover, German citizenship is greatly beneficial for entrepreneurs and investors looking to benefit from the lucrative European market. Another benefit of German citizenship is that it provides easier access to over 180 countries around the world with either visa-free access or visa-on-arrival access. Holding a German passport is enormously beneficial for those who need to move across borders on a regular basis.

Our team of German citizenship lawyers also advise on matters relating to retirement in Germany and how to plan for such an event. German citizenship ensures ease of retirement in Germany and elsewhere in the European Union whether that is in France, Spain, Italy or elsewhere. Furthermore, we support our clients in cases concerning those whose ancestors’ citizenship was removed based on political, racial or religious grounds between the years 1933 and 1945 (§ 116 German Constitution). Contact us directly if you require expert legal counsel on any of these issues.

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