German Citizenship Lawyers

Legal Solutions Made in Germany

German Citizenship Lawyers

Legal Solutions Made in Germany

The lawyers at Schlun & Elseven support you in all matters relating to German citizenship. Whether it is naturalisation, dual citizenship or a retention permit – our legal team will look after your matter with the necessary expertise and commitment.

German citizenship is an option for those who have lived and worked in Germany for the required period of time, as well as for those who were born in Germany or married German citizens. In addition, there is an entitlement for those who can justify German citizenship on the basis of their ancestry or a so-called protection of confidence.

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German Citizenship Law Experts Available Nationwide

The German law firm Schlun & Elseven offers comprehensive legal services to clients who intend to settle in Germany. Our legal services include obtaining the required residence permit or applying for German citizenship. Our main areas of activity in this field also include family reunification. Whether you need an EU Blue Card, an ICT card or a specific visa – we take care of all matters of German immigration law. In addition, we offer entrepreneurs and investors a comprehensive service in connection with business immigration.

Citizenship by Descent and Ancestry Applications

German citizenship can easily be claimed by persons who can provide evidence of German ancestors. Since German citizenship is linked to the acquisition of EU citizenship, such a decision brings further advantages. With the help of our lawyers, you can easily find out whether you meet the requirements for German citizenship by descent. We will also support you in obtaining the necessary documents as well as in filing the application.

Meeting the requirements for German citizenship does not mean automatically obtaining it. The procedure for obtaining citizenship is complex and involves submitting an application that must meet the relevant requirements and obtaining all the necessary documents in certified copies, as well as working with the German authorities to clarify any unresolved issues.

Our lawyers are experienced in applying for German citizenship and assist clients worldwide in this endeavour. We accompany you throughout the entire process and ensure that you comply with all formalities properly.

Citizenship by Marriage and Birth

German citizenship can be gained by birth and by marriage according to German Nationality Act (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz -StAG).

German citizenship by birth is provided for under § 4 StAG and although it can appear to be straightforward (“A child acquires German citizenship by birth if one parent possesses German citizenship…”), it can be a complicated process for those living outside of Germany. There are many benefits that come from holding German citizenship but it may result in the child needing to choose between German citizenship and the citizenship of their country of birth. The advantages of German citizenship may not be useful to the individual in their particular case, and therefore, they should consult with experts before making significant decisions. Navigating dual citizenship law is rarely straightforward, as those involved need to consider the laws of Germany and the other country involved. Our German citizenship lawyers will answer all questions on this matter.

German citizenship for spouses is provided for under § 9 StAG. Under this provision, spouses or registered civil partners of German citizens are eligible for German citizenship after three years of legal residence in Germany. To apply for this form of German citizenship by residence, the spouse must have been married or in a registered partnership for at least two years at the time of application. It should be noted that requirements from here are similar to German citizenship by residency.