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German Attorneys
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Legal Solutions Made in Germany

When in the aviation industry, the need for legal counsel from those who understand the unique requirements of the industry is a necessity. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our full-service approach allows us to blend our legal experience across many legal areas with our industry-specific knowledge of the aviation industry. Aviation clients of ours, benefit from clear advice and comprehensive assistance from expert legal advisors in the drafting and reviewing of contracts, in applying for relevant licences as well as in financing and leasing transactions and in different types of legal disputes.

Our clients consist of airlines, airports, aircraft leasing companies, travel operators and freight forwarding companies who benefit from our counsel while operating in Germany and further afield. If you are looking for specialised assistance in a specific legal case or ongoing legal support, our team of lawyers can be reached through our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Schlun & Elseven: Comprehensive Legal Service from One Source

Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB is a full-service law firm who are active all over Germany. We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice from one source combined with industry-specific expertise. The aviation industry requires lawyers who are able to deal with a fast-changing and often challenging legal and global landscape. Our lawyers aim to support you in the achieving of your goals. Get to know us, our services and covered industries today.

Whistleblowing | Compliance Management

To ensure the long-term success of one’s company and comply with the legal regulations that have come into force, it is crucial to implement efficient whistleblowing systems. Without such systems, employees who want to uncover wrongdoings in the company can quickly feel moved to go public. This can lead to significant reputational damage and loss of revenue.

Since the Whistleblower Protection Act came into force on 2 July 2023 in Germany, it has been incumbent on all German companies with more than 249 employees to set up an internal whistleblower system. Companies not complying with this obligation will face significant legal consequences (including hefty fines) from December 2023.

The German law firm Schlun & Elseven offers a competent and committed service to provide companies with the necessary support in implementing this legal requirement. Our lawyers explain which preventive measures you can take to prevent whistleblowing while effectively complying with all legal obligations. By implementing an efficient whistleblowing system certified in accordance with the applicable ISO standard, we ensure that whistleblowers are protected in accordance with the law while, at the same time, your company benefits from the information provided. We stand up for you so that your rights and interests as a company are protected.

German Corporate Law | Antitrust and Competition Law

In running an aviation company in Germany and other countries in Europe, many potential pitfalls can have a significant financial and reputational impact on your business. In such a regulated field, our clients in the aviation industry benefit from our ongoing support in legal compliance. Allow our lawyers to oversee your legal requirements in the areas of aviation safety, in ensuring that the correct licences are obtained and in competition law and antitrust matters.

Should your business believe that competitors are conducting matters in an anti-competitive manner, then allow our lawyers to oversee investigations. By implementing our experience and expertise, our team can determine whether a strong case exists that the company should pursue.

Furthermore, the current Covid-19 crisis demonstrates the need for businesses to have access to leading legal advice on issues such as corporate restructuring and other issues around the corporate structure of their business. In corporate law matters, our full-service approach ensures that your company can receive all of these services and more while allowing you to focus on running your company.

Contract Law | Drafting and Review of Commercial Contracts

Our contract lawyers thoroughly analyse and assess the contracts of our clients. As well as reviewing contracts, our corporate clients can rely on our team to draft contracts where their needs are kept central to proceedings. Our lawyers will support you throughout the purchase and sale of aircraft to leasing contracts and airport service level agreements. Should you need a lawyer for in-court representation due to an alleged breach of contract, you can rely on our experience in the courtroom throughout. Furthermore, our team advises on when it is worth pursuing a case in court and when it is best to resolve matters by other means.

In the area of commercial agreements, we advise on the following topics:

  • agency and commission agreements,
  • aircraft maintenance contracts, aviation insurance,
  • charter and sub-charter agreements,
  • commercial contracts,
  • frequent flyer and similar schemes,
  • outfitting agreements,
  • supplier agreements, including catering and ground handling.

Should your aviation company require thoughtful legal guidance concerning contract or commercial law issues in the aviation industry, contact us directly using the contact form below.