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White-collar criminal activity can have a devastating impact on a business and its management level. The reality of entrepreneurial enterprises in the commercial field is that risk is a part of the everyday life of business. The risk of being accused of corporate crime is one such risk. As a mere accusation of corporate and white-collar criminal activities can have a huge affect on a person it is vital that they have swift and knowledgeable legal assistance.

The reality for our clients accused in the field of white-collar crime is that they have not had much exposure to the criminal law system. This is why making sure you have appropriate counsel is necessary. At Schlun & Elseven, our corporate criminal law team acts for both individuals and businesses in such cases. We represent company directors and CEOs of multinational companies as we particularly specialise on legal issues with international aspects. We combine our expertise in criminal and corporate law to provide a full picture of the issues involved.

What are Considered Corporate Crimes in Germany?

White-collar crimes are traditionally non-violent offenses. These business crimes are ones committed in the commercial and corporate field and tend to be financially motivated. The title of corporate crime covers offenses such as bribery, embezzlement, insider-dealing, fraud and money laundering. Other issues in the corporate area such as copyright violation and breaches of environmental regulations by companies are also considered as white-collar crimes.

Such cases have a habit of gaining extensive media coverage as can be seen in recent years. This holds particularly true when the cases have involved bigger companies. For these companies it is important to get appropriate, competent and discrete legal assistance to help resolve issues outside of court when necessary. Minimizing the damage caused by white-collar crime is a major concern for companies. Receiving the right legal assistance is crucial in achieving this.

Our Services in the Area of Business and White-Collar Crime:

At Schlun & Elseven we counsel individuals and companies throughout the entire criminal process. We are well-versed in cases concerning white-collar criminal charges in Germany. With this in mind, we provide advice to clients concerning the legality of certain initiatives in order to avoid legal problems occurring. Prevention of corporate crime cases arising is the best solution for companies where possible.

However, in the event of legal disputes being unavoidable our team is available to provide our knowledge, expertise and assistance through all stages of the process from the preliminary stages up to any appeals which may arise. We defend individuals and companies in cases of white-collar crime in court and in regulatory proceedings. We also provide our services for internal investigations within companies in order to act as a mediator to resolve disputes. Such services are available in order to prevent the need for public court proceedings in the field of corporate crime related matters.

In the field of business and white-collar criminal law our team provides advice on the following issues:

  • Potential Copyright Infringements
  • Environmental Offences
  • Tax Offences
  • Embezzlement & Fraud Charges
  • Insolvency Disputes
  • Bribery Charges
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Corporate Real Estate Disputes
  • Corruption Charges
  • Insider-Dealing Charges
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Companies and directors come to Schlun & Elseven for assistance as our team of highly competent corporate criminal lawyers are able to assist them in a wide-variety of legal areas. German white-collar crime and corporate criminal law is just one area we provide counsel for.  This multidisciplinary nature of our firm allows us to combine our knowledge of a range of legal fields to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive assistance.

Our team of German white collar crime lawyers provides their services in English as well as German. From our offices in Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf, as well as our conference rooms in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich we advise clients from all over the world. When it comes to issues relating to corporate criminal law or potential white-collar crimes make sure to contact us using the information below.

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