Equine Lawyers in Germany

As equine lawyers in Germany, Schlun & Elseven we know that horses are more than mere animals. Horses are a passion, they are friends, they are investments and they are livelihoods. This is the reason why, at Schlun & Elseven, our lawyers are focused on providing advice and assistance in the area of equine law in Germany. In providing counsel in equine law our aim is to give your equestrian interests comprehensive legal representation.

With one of our main offices being based in the city of Aachen we have been regular attendees and supporters of the international horse show CHIO Aachen. Due to our connection with the CHIO we have seen at first-hand the passion owners feel for their horses. It is this passion that brought us into the field of equine law. Through our familiarity with the sport, our knowledge in the area of German and international law and our expertise across a range of legal fields we aim to give our clients the legal representation they deserve.

Equine Law: Clients and Legal Expertise

Our multidisciplinary legal team are confident they can help in a range of equestrian-related areas. We are here to help you if you own a horse or a stable in Germany, if you are considering investing in the area or if you are bringing your horses to Germany. However we are not limited to these cases as we cover many areas of equine law and are also available to aid equestrian athletes, sporting governing bodies and equestrian businesses in a wide range of areas from sponsorship agreements, disputes over ownership and the issuing of passports.

At Schlun & Elseven we have extensive knowledge when it comes to drafting contracts and of negiotiating and therefore are your ideal partners for making purchases. We will also use our skills when it comes to disputes you may face over ownership, purchase agreements, veterinary negligence, sponsorship arrangements and much more. Contact us today to find out more about our equine law services!

  • Sponsorship arrangements
  • Employment contract issues
  • Veterinary negligence
  • Advising governing bodies
  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Stud contracts