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Legal Solutions Made in Germany

As equine lawyers in Germany, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte know the value of horses to their owners. Horses are a passion, they are friends, they are investments and they are livelihoods. With one of our main offices being based in the city of Aachen, we have been regular attendees and supporters of the international horse show CHIO Aachen. Due to our connection with the CHIO, we have seen first-hand the passion owners feel for their horses. In providing full-service legal counsel in equine law our aim is to give our clients peace of mind when engaging with their equestrian interests.

Our Full-Service Approach

Our multidisciplinary legal team is available to assist clients in a range of equestrian-related areas. Our full-service approach is beneficial to all those involved in the equestrian business, we advise horse- and stable- owners, investors, sporting governing bodies and equestrian businesses in a wide range of areas from sponsorship agreements, disputes over ownership and the issuing of passports. As a law firm engaging our services in all areas of German law we have extensive knowledge with drafting and enforcing contracts, negotiating with other parties, representing your claims in (and out of) court.

Our full-service approach allows our clients to place all their legal requirements under our roof. By consolidating such legal work, our clients know that their legal issue will be analysed by legal experts across different areas of law. Such collaboration allows for our team to examine issues from all angles, and find tailored solutions fitted to your situation.

Buying Horses in Germany

When buying a horse, whether it is a leisure horse, a show horse, a breeding horse or a racing horse purchasers need to ensure that it meets their requirements. Purchasers need to receive the necessary information regarding the horse’s history, and information about the dealer or breeder. When a suitable horse has been located there are legal features that need to be carefully considered, such as the purchase contract, warranties and regulations regarding the import and export of horses. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our team of equine lawyers are ready to support you in this matter.

Contract Issues: Drafting and Enforcing Contracts

Our contract lawyers are ready to support our equine law clients in the drafting, negotiating and reviewof all equine-related contracts. Our lawyers advise our clients on matters of purchase and sales agreements, leases, stallion service contracts, liability waivers/releases, facility use agreements, stallion management agreements, training agreements, and boarding contracts, among others. As experienced contract lawyers, we have worked with clients worldwide and helped them navigate the intricacies of German contract law. As your lawyer in contract negotiations, we ensure that decisive formulations are carried out precisely and in a way that will stand up in court, formal requirements are adhered to and the contract corresponds to your interests.

Divorce in Germany: Division of Equine-related Assets

The division of assets following a divorce can heavily impact horse-owners and those in equestrian-related businesses. Entrepreneurs, in general, should take proactive measures relating to their business assets, as an acrimonious divorce can lead to companies falling apart and a life’s work being substantially damaged. The prenuptial agreement (or “marriage contract”) is a reliable means by which couples can arrange what should happen to their assets in the event of divorce. By drafting such an agreement at the beginning of a marriage, couples have a better chance of creating a fair division of assets, and they can help alleviate the risk of bitter divorce proceedings. Our lawyers are available to counsel clients regarding drafting and enforcing prenuptial agreements.

In the case of divorce, our lawyers will advise you regarding the division of equine and equestrian-related assets and provide you with full-service legal support throughout.

Fraud Cases: Legal Advice and Defence

Our German lawyers are ready to advise you regarding your options relating to fraud in all matters, including those linked to equestrian business and horse ownership. Clients can consult with our legal team when purchasing or selling a horse in Germany, and our team can advise them regarding potential frauds or scams to be aware of during that process. Online frauds advertising non-existent horses and accessories (such as horseboxes or trailers) are becoming more commonplace. Such cons can be elaborate and can result in significant financial losses. Our lawyers can also be relied u