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Legal Solutions Made in Germany

As an internationally active full-service law firm, German tax law frequently overlaps with our dealings in other legal areas – both for our business clients and private clients. Therefore, we offer our clients comprehensive consulting services in German, European and international tax law. Our legal teams collaborate closely to achieve the optimum tax law result for you and your company. Learn more about us and our services on this page. If you have any questions or a specific tax law issue, you can contact us at any time using our details below this page.

Our approach: Top expertise and Full Service

Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte provides full-service legal support for both private and business clients in Germany and further afield. Corporate clients can consolidate all their legal services under our roof and, in turn, this enables them to operate in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. The extensive collaboration between our specialists ensures that all legal requirements are considered, and future costly legal disputes are avoided. For businesses, this means that they can be assured that we will not look at the company as a balance sheet but instead will take a comprehensive view of their characteristics, goals and structures.

In practice, our team considers the tax law implications when advising our clients in complex transactions such as M&As, corporate restructuring, investments and in business succession planning. With our guidance, companies can achieve the most tax-efficient structure when embarking on a new project. Our lawyers advise start-up companies, entrepreneurs, established enterprises in Germany, investors and others.

For private clients, we provide comprehensive guidance concerning German tax implications in matters of inheritance and succession, investment and in family law issues. Our defence lawyers are ready to represent you in cases of alleged tax evasion.

Corporate Tax Law Services

For our corporate clients, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte offers comprehensive service in German tax law Germany. Our firm will analyse your company carefully and consult with you in order to provide tax law solutions tailor-made for your company’s requirements. Availing of our firm’s full-service approach ensures that your company benefits in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Our team advises companies on their tax requirements during corporate establishment in Germany. This service is available for all types of companies whether they are start-up companies, German subsidiaries or companies which are undergoing a change in ownership.

Amongst our services we provide our clients with guidance as to legal tax optimisation and tax reduction. We consider the necessities under German law and in accordance with your legal corporate compliance requirements we provide clear guidance as to where changes can be made, to your benefit.

Criminal Tax Law: Defence Services

The field of criminal tax law is a matter which requires professional legal counsel. A conviction of tax evasion or other tax criminal offences can lead to severe consequences in the shape of fines and prison sentences. The exact sanction faced will depend on the facts of the matter. However, even the mere prospect of an accusation of tax evasion can be distressing for private individuals. Knowing how to respond is vital in these cases. If you find yourself in a situation where you have come under suspicion of tax evasion, you may face the prospect of a house search or office search. Once again, this is a distressing process as this action is an infringement on your rights unless carried out correctly.

Our lawyers will provide you with in-court representation if required. Where possible, we will aim to resolve matters outside of court due to the financial and time costs involved. However, it is sometimes not possible to resolve such matters outside of court. For in-court cases, we will work together to create a suitable strategy and seek to achieve a successful outcome in your case.

Customs Law in Germany

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our German custom lawyers will support you in appeals of decisions made by German customs officials. Our lawyers will examine the likelihood of a successful claim against customs, assist you in filing formal objections against the customs authorities, with due consideration to the deadlines and formalities involved, carefully prepare for the examination of the appeal, including preparing for the opponent’s arguments and represent you in court.

Appealing against customs decisions following consulting with a German customs lawyer is often advisable, as customs officials can make mistakes with the classification of goods and the setting of customs duties. Should the application of the request be correct, customs will conduct a comprehensive review of their decision. A successful decision at this level can prevent costly legal disputes in the German courts.

Our lawyers advise on cases concerning alleged customs criminal offences, smuggling and border seizures.

Inheritance Tax Law Advice in Germany

At Schlun & Elseven Rec