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Freedom of speech and freedom of press – both fundamental parts of a free and democratic legal system – play diverse roles in both work and everyday life. In a world where everybody is entitled to their own opinion, balanced with people’s right to a good name, the boundaries of statements have to be carefully pinpointed and often completely renegotiated. When it comes to the press, the major public opinion-leading instrument, special caution is required. This is why knowing your rights when it comes to press and media law is very important. Our firm is pleased to be at your disposal regarding such matters. Whether you are dealing with a violation of your right to privacy, the use of a personal image or a case of defamation – we address your concerns in our offices in Aachen, Düsseldorf & Cologne as well as in our conference rooms in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich.

Our Services in Media & Press law

Like few other areas of law the fields of press law and freedom of speech are strongly shaped by details and the particularity of cases. When in need for advice, it is therefore vital to consult an experienced professional. Our specialized lawyers advise and represent you with their extensive expertise and their long-standing practical experience in the media industry. Companies, artists and consumers form part of our clientele.  Starting with the settling of simple legal issues up to the resolution of complex disputes, our lawyers are there for you every step of the way.

In the following you are offered an overview of the concerns our firm will help you address:

  • The right to financial compensation
  • Counsel and representation for written warnings
  • The examination of editorial contributions / articles / comments
  • Press coverage / reporting based on suspicion

Your  Lawyer for rights of expression and press law in Germany

Dr. Matthias Wurm - Lawyer

Dr. Matthias Wurm


Enforce your rights in the digital world.

Schlun & Elseven represents and advises you both in and out of court in the law of statements and press law.

Image Reporting: the Right to your Own Image

Nowadays, technical possibilities for image and video capture are vast and simple. This does, however, not apply accordingly to the use and publication of images for which a number of regulations have to be respected. Apart from copyright issues, the right in one’s (personal) image is of great importance. It states that persons depicted in photographs have the right to decide whether the images can be published and be made accessible to an audience. If the depicted person does not give their approval and the image is used nevertheless, the person will be able to obtain an injunctive relief and claim damages, either by a written warning or in front of a court.

The law does however also provide a variety of exemptions, cases in which the approval of a depicted person is dispensable and no claims can be made, for example if the publication of the image serves an artistic purpose or if the person depicted can be considered just an accessory. Feel free to contact us for a detailed analysis of images and video footage on their compatibility with the right in one’s personal image.

False Claims and Allegations

While stating one’s opinion and uttering value judgements are protected by the German Basic Law, there is no legal justification for false claims and allegations for which you do not have to stand: injunctive reliefs as well as claims for retraction, removal, counterstatements, damage compensation and pecuniary compensation are at your disposal.

However, before entering legal assertion, there are important preliminary questions which deserve a closer look: It is, for example, decisive whether the claim in question is proven or unproven as it is only possible to take legal action against unproven claims. Moreover, a claim or allegation does not always take the form of a spoken or written word, but can also be created through image and video display or incomplete reporting. Our professional opinion provides you with the security you need to take action against a false claim or allegation.

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