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Lawyer | Freelance
Jürgen Klunker

Public Construction

Mr. Jürgen Klunker is an administrative lawyer at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB. As a lawyer with many years of experience as a judge, he offers excellent legal advice and representation in administrative law and municipal tax law for both private individuals and companies. Public building law and road and street law also fall within his area of expertise. In addition, school and examination law are among the fields of activity in which Mr. Klunker has in-depth knowledge due to his extensive experience.

As a former administrative judge, Mr. Jürgen Klunker has extensive expertise in German administrative law and is very familiar with its procedural challenges. Due to his many years of experience and his insight into the workings of the administrative courts, he is the right partner to achieve the best possible legal solutions for his clients.

Mr. Klunker offers comprehensive legal advice and representation in all administrative law matters. His main areas of practice are in the following fields of law: public building law, road and street law, municipal tax law, and school and examination law.

As an expert in German municipal tax law, Mr. Klunker assists our clients comprehensively both in the context of out-of-court counselling and in defending claims for payment arising from public-law levy notices in court.

Mr. Klunker regularly reviews the legality of municipal fee and contribution statutes and notices of contribution under development and development contribution law. He also makes his expertise available to local authorities, e.g. when a legally sound fee or contribution statute is to be developed.

In the event of legal disputes, he represents in court in proceedings to control standards for communal authorities, public bodies and residents.

Mr. Klunker offers comprehensive legal advice and representation in public construction law. He represents the interests of our clients in disputes between developers and the building supervisory authority or the neighbours of the property to be built on and communities of interest.

As an expert in public construction law, he supports our clients in checking the permissibility of their building project, and in applying for and asserting the building permit with the building supervisory authority. It is always advisable to take pre-judicial action, particularly in the case of the planning application procedure, the adjoining owners’ notification procedure and the objection procedure. In the case of existing claims for compensation, Mr. Klunker represents our clients in proceedings – both against building owners and authorities.

Public construction law can often seem very confusing and complex due to fast-moving court rulings and many different building regulations. Therefore, let Mr. Klunker advise you on all your building law questions.

Mr. Klunker offers legal advice on all conflicts arising from the law of roads and rights of way. In this field of law, it is not uncommon for disputes to emerge with the administrative authorities, for example, in the case of restrictions on property rights or rights of use.

Mr. Klunker advises and represents affected usufructuaries and property owners on, among other things, the possibilities of defence against public rulings. Furthermore, he examines the current legal situation regarding specific roads and paths in the vicinity and disputes special rights of use under road law for our clients.

German School Law

As an expert in school law, Mr. Klunker offers both competent and committed legal assistance in cases of incorrect grading, unjustified disciplinary measures against children, school place complaints, inadequate working conditions for teachers, overload notices and competitor complaints.

Examination Law

When assessing examination performance, examination offices occasionally make considerable mistakes, whether in complying with the examination regulations and the general administrative procedure, or in assessing performance itself.

In the case of challenges to school-leaving examinations and university examinations and in final examinations in the context of further vocational training, Mr. Klunker assesses whether the assessment of our clients’ examinations is incorrect and whether there is a possibility of a challenge. If necessary, he will file a contestation objection on their behalf and/or bring the corresponding contestation action.

Mr. Klunker has the expertise and experience to answer all questions about German examination law and assist our clients with achieving a lawful examination result.

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