Rechtsanwalt Philip Busse

Philipp Busse

Mr. Philipp Busse is a criminal defence and extradition lawyer at our law firm Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG. As a former public prosecutor, he advises and defends our clients in all areas of criminal law.

Specialist in Criminal Law

In criminal cases, it is vital to have a defender who provides clients with insightful advice and comprehensive assistance. With his extensive experience in all areas of investigation and criminal proceedings and his knowledge of the respective parties’ working methods – especially those on the other side – Mr Busse stands by our clients as an assertive attorney.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG, our criminal defence team defends our clients in all areas of general criminal law, capital criminal law, narcotics criminal law and commercial criminal law. Clients working with Mr Busse can expect the highest standards of legal advice and specialist skill in their in-court criminal defence. Visit our criminal law homepage to find out more about our services in the field of criminal law.

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Your Contact in the Field of Extradition Law

As an attorney for extradition law and Interpol proceedings, Mr Busse’s expertise has been invaluable to the extradition law team’s continued success. Our lawyers have successfully defended high-profile clients such as journalists, politicians, and businesspeople against state overreach and persecution.

Using his extensive skills as a specialist criminal defence lawyer, Mr Busse carefully analyses cases, conducts thorough investigations and intensive cross-examinations, and meticulously plans our clients’ defence strategies.

Attorney Philipp Busse: Biography

 Mr Busse’s expertise in criminal law is reflected throughout his career. After studying at the University of Bielefeld and completing his first state examination at the Higher Regional Court of Hamm, he completed his studies in international criminal law, criminal proceedings, and practical areas of criminal law at the University of Cologne. Additionally, Mr Busse speaks excellent English due to his schooling in a boarding school near Oxford.

His affinity for cross-border proceedings was reflected in his research on the International Criminal Court, which focused on the International Criminal Court case-law. During his preparatory legal service, he completed the administrative training at the Police Headquarters in Cologne. Additionally, he worked for a Cologne law firm specializing exclusively in criminal defence.

After completing his second state examination at the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, Mr Busse joined the Cologne public prosecutor’s office. Thanks to his experience as a public prosecutor, Mr Busse is well versed in dealing with the prosecuting authorities and the courts. He is familiar with how public prosecutors and judges make decisions and with the internal procedures and processes. As a criminal lawyer, he supports his clients with his expertise in all areas of criminal law and throughout the investigation and proceedings stages.

Rechtsanwalt Philipp Busse

Attorney-at-Law | former Public Prosecutor
Philipp Busse
Criminal Law | Extradition Law