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Philipp Busse

Criminal Defence

Mr. Philipp Busse is a lawyer at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB. As a criminal defence lawyer with prosecutorial experience, he offers in-depth legal advice and defence in general criminal law and specifically in capital, narcotics and business criminal law. Furthermore, Mr. Busse has exceptional expertise and an impressive track record in extradition law and Interpol proceedings.

Criminal defence law requires a perceptive lawyer who unfailingly pursues the unconditional defence of their client’s rights without being overawed by other parties’ submissions or special circumstances.

As a former public prosecutor, Mr. Philipp Busse is familiar with German law enforcement agencies. Thanks to the expertise he gained there as an investigator and his precise knowledge of the workings of all those involved, he knows how to stand up for our client’s rights as an assertive criminal defence lawyer.

The following areas of law fall within his scope of expertise: general criminal law, capital, narcotics and business criminal law, as well as advice in the field of cybercrime.

Business Criminal Law | Compliance Violations

Whether it is an unfortunate accident with personal injury after being posted abroad, urgent questions relating to a company manager’s freedom to travel, a criminal offence committed by company employees or even implications with Interpol: as an expert in white-collar criminal law, Mr. Busse supports your company in combatting potential risks under German criminal law.

In the case of alleged work-related criminal activities, he stands by your employees and the company’s top management as an equally competent and committed legal advisor and defender.

Cybercrime in Germany

As a cyber crime lawyer, Mr. Busse offers comprehensive legal advice and defence in all cases of internet fraud. Even in the case of an accusation against you regarding cyber-fraud or similar offences, he will support and advise our clients with the aim of setting the record straight as quickly as possible.

Since the legal field of cybercrime is a comparatively new field, it is always advisable in such situations to consult a lawyer with the appropriate expertise, such as Mr. Philipp Busse.

The German Narcotics Act | Drugs Law in Germany

Alleged offences against the Narcotics Act can cause you considerable damage both professionally and privately. Although each violation carries a specific penalty and consequences, this does not necessarily mean that there will be a trial, conviction or other far-reaching consequences. The primary goal – as far as the offence in question allows in its scope – is the termination of the proceedings.

However, if this is not possible, Mr. Busse will do everything in his power to defend his clients not only out of court but also in court.

As a member of our German extradition law team, Philipp Busse takes on the defence in Interpol proceedings and has represented high-ranking personalities, including journalists, politicians and entrepreneurs. He has successfully averted state persecution of our clients and ensures that institutions such as Interpol are not abused by unjust state actions.

Mr. Busse plays an important role on our firm’s behalf in defending human rights and upholding German and international law by protecting our clients from unjustified extradition.

With Mr. Busse, our clients have a lawyer with the highest standards of legal advice and professional competence at their side when defending their case in court. Due to his extensive experience and in-depth expertise, our clients can be assured that he will analyse their case unerringly to develop a precise defence strategy and provide them with the best possible defence.

After successfully completing his law studies at the University of Cologne, Mr. Philipp Busse decided to specialise in criminal law. He chose international criminal law, criminal procedure and practice-relevant areas of criminal law as his main focus.

After successfully passing the second state examination, he joined the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne.

He has been working for the law firm Schlun & Elseven for several years, which has enabled many of our clients to benefit from his in-depth knowledge, experience and familiarity with the German prosecution authorities.

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Philipp Busse

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