Lawyer & Salary Partner
Dr. Thomas Bichat

Employment | Inheritance

Lawyer & Salary Partner
Dr. Thomas Bichat


Dr. Thomas Bichat is a Salary Partner of Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB. As a specialist lawyer, he offers comprehensive legal advice and representation in all employment law matters to private individuals and companies. Additionally, as an experienced negotiator, he is available to companies in conflicts with works councils, trade unions and other bodies. Inheritance law is another field of activity in which Dr. Bichat has extensive expertise and many years of experience.

As a certified specialist in employment law, Dr. Thomas Bichat advises private individuals and companies on questions of individual and collective labour law.

Legal Assistance for Employees

As head of the practice group for employment and labour law, Dr. Bichat oversees a broad field of activity, ranging from advice on questions of termination law to the drafting of employment contracts, service contracts and contracts for work and services to the participation rights of a works council.

Whether an unfair dismissal, an outstanding wage payment or a vacation not granted – Dr. Bichat stands up for your rights as an employee with the necessary assertiveness. With a practiced eye, he recognizes whether your employment contract may contain hidden clauses or your employer’s reference may include inappropriate wording and advises you on how to proceed.

Legal Assistance for Employers

Whether you are a company owner, managing director or executive employee – as an employer, you always have a special responsibility for the company and its employees. Dr. Bichat will gladly support you in all phases relevant to employment law: from the job advertisement to the employment of individuals to the termination of employment contracts.

As an experienced specialist in employment law, he is very familiar with the problems of employment relationships from both the employee and employer perspectives and can help you find a workable solution that avoids time-consuming and costly legal disputes.

A Legal Expert as an impartial Third Party

With his many years of experience as a negotiator, Dr. Bichat represents companies in conflicts with works councils, unions and other bodies. By considering the needs and interests of both sides, he ensures a structured process that paves the way to a mutual agreement.

In-house Training for Your Employees

Furthermore, he offers intensive in-house training courses in employment law that are individually tailored to your company. Based on your specific needs, Dr. Bichat designs learning-effective seminars for your employees, enabling you to quickly and cost-effectively bring your team up to the same level of knowledge and ensure professional handling of employment law issues.

As an attorney for inheritance law, Dr. Bichat offers comprehensive legal advice and representation on all legal issues that become relevant for heirs and testators before and after an inheritance.

Whether in drafting wills, business succession or estate planning, he will support you expertly and with the necessary commitment.

The focus of his work is always on reaching a peaceful agreement and preventing conflicts under inheritance law. Should such an agreement still not be possible, Dr. Bichat will enforce your claims in court.

Dr. Bichat is considered a proven expert in complex inheritance cases with international ramifications: Clients worldwide rely on his expertise and negotiating skills.

Due to its conflict potential, inheritance cases often pose considerable challenges to the parties involved, not only from a legal point of view. With Dr. Bichat, you know that you have a competent and committed lawyer for inheritance law at your side, who is also an empathetic listener, a convincing speaker and an excellent negotiator.

Dr. Bichat studied law at the Universities of Bonn and Lucerne. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Bonn and worked there as a research assistant. Dr. Bichat completed his legal training at the German Embassy in Beijing. For several years he has been working for Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, which has enabled countless clients to benefit from his extensive expertise in inheritance law and employment law.

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