When entering into professional contact with a German company, the economic credibility and financial stability of the contract partner becomes a crucial factor for the future of the business relationship. In international contexts, however, ensuring that one is dealing with a capable and responsible partner often reveals itself to be difficult: Credit checks or register requests in other jurisdictions can become a real challenge and often take an unforeseen amount of time. This is where services like our German Company Check can provide you with the necessary assistance.

Who can profit from a Company Check?

Our German Company Check benefits all private individuals and entrepreneurs who are interested in working with a German company and want to gather respective information from a reliable source in advance. We do provide you with the opportunity to:

  • gain a perspective of the market by obtaining general information about German companies
  • reinsure yourself about a potential business partner with whom you intend to form an important relationship
  • check the creditworthiness of potential costumers
  • verify the credit rating of your current business partners

What does our German Company Check service entail?

Our Company Check combines the information available through official registers and private data banks, selects the data relevant for you by taking into consideration your individual business relationship and presents the results to you in a condensed and accessible form. Depending on the motives for your request, we provide you with information from:

  • the Commercial Register (Handelsregister), a state register which confirms the company’s existence and lists company information, e.g.: registration numbers, nominal or capital shares, shareholders, company objects, etc.
  • the Company Register (Unternehmensregister), a state register that complements our research with information from other registers like the partnership register (Partnerschaftsregister)
  • economic credit agencies (Wirtschaftsauskunfteien) that collect and process creditworthiness relevant data on private individuals and business enterprises
  • insolvency notices (Insolvenzbekanntmachungen) from the judicial portal of the federal government and of the states
  • other registers or agencies, if required

What are the advantages of our Service?

Entrusting our law firm with gathering the information you need in order to make a business decision in Germany allows you to remain focused on other aspects of your professional strategy. Our legal professionals possess the necessary routine and expertise to accelerate official processes and to efficiently use the remaining time to your benefit. As there is no central authority in Germany which could provide you with all the information you need, assigning someone to gather all relevant information from different sources, allowing you to be presented with to the full picture, will not only save you time, but also energy. Last but not least, your risk of missing important information – and therefore the risk of additional unexpected costs – remains limited as our Company Check provides you with a complete assessment at a fixed price. Contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp or our online form to receive a non-binding quotation.