Investor Dialogues with Supervisory Boards (Aufsichtsrat) in Germany

It is normal practice for international investors to hold discussions with a target company's management body. When investing elsewhere, there is often only one board, which combines the company's management, direction, and supervision, that the investors hold discussions with. However, the situation in Germany is different. Many foreign investors are not aware that they [...]

Termination of Contract due to Brexit

The United Kingdom has now left the European Union ("Brexit") and for many companies based in the UK and Germany, this has complicated their contractual arrangements. The added paperwork needed to access the different markets, alongside other changes which have taken place means that business is not near as smooth as it was when [...]

Compensation for Hotels and Restaurants in Germany: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Is there a chance that a claim for compensation for hotels and restaurants can occur due to the measures taken during COVID-19? From the beginning of the pandemic of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in mid-March 2020, the hospitality industry was hit particularly hard by containment measures. According to the Federal Statistical Office, March already left [...]

Short-Term Financial Assistance for Companies in Germany: COVID-19 Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has been a disaster for many businesses in Germany and worldwide. Many firms in Germany now require short-term financial assistance to help them. Supply chains have been disrupted, businesses have been closed down, workers have had to self-isolate or work from home and public life has been changed dramatically. For [...]

Force Majeure, COVID-19 Coronavirus & Commercial Law in Germany

COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting life in Germany and across the world in countless ways. The measures taken by countries from closing businesses, encouraging social isolation, closing borders and reducing travel will have a huge legal impact. This impact will, unfortunately, last for the foreseeable future. Commercial contracts have been disrupted hugely due to factors [...]