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Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG is a full-service law firm who are active all over Germany. We advise private equity sponsors, private equity institutions, management teams, debt providers, family offices and more worldwide. Receive expert legal advice and counsel from German private equity lawyers today by Contacting us directly.

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Making the right moves at the right time is crucial to success in private equity. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte our private equity lawyers are here to structure your deals, negotiate contracts and to advise you on available options in the German market. Combining our full-service approach, comprehensive legal advice and industry-specific insight, our team of legal professionals are here to deliver results and protect your investments. Our legal team has advised private equity funds, venture capital funds, mezzanine providers, financial institutions and banks on private equity transactions. Whatever the situation demands, our team is here to provide creative solutions tailored to the demands of our clients.

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With offices in Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf, as well as conference rooms in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt, clients of Schlun & Elseven can take advantage of our support and advice throughout Germany. We also provide distance services through the means of video conferencing. The international team of lawyers at our law firm advises and represents clients in all matters relating to private equity in Germany in English and German. Whether you need an expert lawyer for overseeing transactions or for representation in legal disputes, our team is ready to support you. Contact us today to find out more about our law firm and the services we offer. Furthermore, we would be pleased to present our extensive expertise in detail in a personal meeting.

Why Work with Our German Private Equity Lawyers?

As a full-service law firm in Germany, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte advises on all issues of corporate law and corporate governance. Our team of lawyers consists of not only certified experts in their respective fields but we also carry industry-specific insights across a broad range of different industries in Germany. With experts across the board from corporate and employment law to a dedicated investments team, Schlun & Elseven provides you with everything you need under one roof.

Our corporate lawyers support clients in complex transactions such as M&As, legal due diligence, the acquisition and maintenance of investments, the drafting of financing documents and acquisition agreements and more. We will be by your side throughout the entirety of the private equity transaction as we can be relied upon during the initial investment through to the daily management of the assets and, finally, exiting from the investment.

At Schlun & Elseven, availability, transparency, tailored solutions and client satisfaction are key cornerstones of our firm’s philosophy. Should you work alongside our German private equity lawyers, you can be assured that, through cloud computing and clear communication channels, they will be available for you wherever you are in the world. Once you are a client, our lawyers will clearly present the logic and reasoning behind the advice provided. With our deep knowledge of a variety of important industries, we will devise the creative solutions required to get ahead in private equity. Use our contact details below to get in touch with us.