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  • Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB is a law firm operating throughout Germany and internationally, with offices in Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf. As a full-service law firm, we are pleased to offer you comprehensive legal advice from a single source in our office in the Cathedral City of Cologne. Make sure to get to know us, our team and our Cologne office. If you are new to Cologne, we also offer you a brief overview of this lively city in the west of Germany.

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  • We see ourselves as modern service providers: with our transparent, cost-effective and solution-oriented approach, we find the best result for each client locally in Cologne and throughout Germany. In this regard, we also offer advice via Skype or WhatsApp. Furthermore, thanks to the language skills of individual lawyers, we can provide legal advice in English and German. If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Cologne office.

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In the summer of 2016, Schlun & Elseven Lawyers opened its second office in the “Domstadt” of Cologne, a city famous worldwide for the imposing building which dominates its skyline: the Cologne Cathedral. From Roman times, Cologne has been considered a metropolis and even today, the remains of the impressive city wall and the Roman tower bear witness to the importance of the city of Cologne. Today, the Roman-Germanic Museum near Cologne Cathedral provides a great insight into the city’s history. However, Cologne’s importance only continued to grow as the centuries passed. Situated at the heart of North-Rhine Westphalia, Cologne had a strong interaction with the cities of modern-day Belgium and the Netherlands and other German cities and states. The Cologne Cathedral, whose construction began on 15 August 1248 and was only completed in 1880 after 600 years, illustrates the historical development and significance of the Rhine metropolis. This architectural wonder was crowned as a world cultural heritage. We are pleased to be able to offer our legal advice in such an important city.

Another passion of the people of Cologne is the ” Effzeh”, 1. FC Köln. The fans of Effzeh have a similarly strong bond with the club’s mascot, the billy goat Hennes. In terms of other sports, the city of Cologne also hosts many European handball events. Since the 2007 World Handball Championship Final, every year the final matches of the EHF Champions League take place at the Lanxess Arena, at the end of which the best European club team will be celebrated. When in Cologne another “must-see” is the “Kölner Haie” (“Cologne Sharks”); the ice hockey team. Also playing in the Lanxess Arena, a night with the Sharks is always an event worth attending.

During the so-called “fifth season”, Cologne is the heart of the German carnival. Every year on 11.11. at 11:11 in the morning, the “Jecken” inaugurate Cologne Carnival at the old market, which is one of the world’s biggest street parties. Our law firm is located at Kyffhäuserstr. 45, in the so-called Kwartier Latäng, right in the middle of the action. During the street carnival, the people of Cologne celebrate this tradition with numerous guests worldwide.

Despite all its madness, Cologne is one of Germany’s most important business locations. The connection to the Rhine and the proximity to the Ruhr area and the Benelux states strongly influence the city’s economic life. Cologne is famous for its Ford factories, one of the city’s largest employers. Moreover, the “Echt Kölnisch Wasser” (4711), now marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz GmbH in the Rhineland, plays an essential economic role.

In addition, Cologne is well known for its involvement in the media business. In addition to Westdeutscher Rundfunk, private television stations such as RTL, RTL 2, and VOX also have their headquarters in Cologne. Although the TV series plays in Munich, the classic German show “Lindenstraße” is filmed in Cologne. Although game shows, which ask questions about many different topics, are filmed in Cologne, concerning your legal questions, you should contact our lawyers. The lawyers at our Cologne office will support you with their expertise in all legal questions, cases and problems.

In addition, Cologne is home to countless trade fairs from all sectors of the industry, both in the fields of nutrition (Anuga), art and culture (Art Cologne) and gaming (GamesCom). Due to the trade fair location in Cologne, our law firm is regularly commissioned by international companies to draw up their relevant contracts. Furthermore, our lawyers regularly assist clients in trademark issues or competition disputes concerning trade fair exhibitions.

In academic opportunities, Cologne also has much to offer. The old university, founded in 1388, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The new university, established on 29 May 1919 with the involvement of Konrad Adenauer, who was then the Mayor of the City of Cologne, now offers a home to almost 50,000 students. The university’s law faculty enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Germany. Furthermore, the Max-Planck-Society conducts various research projects in Cologne (institutes for social research, neurological research and plant breeding research).

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Kyffhäuserstr. 45, 50674 Köln

Our office is conveniently located. You can reach us from Cologne South (Köln-Süd) railway station in just a few steps.

If you use your car on the way to our office, you can find a public car park in Kyffhäuserstraße, Heinsbergstraße or Moselstraße. If all parking spaces are occupied, you will find a multi-storey car park at Hohenstaufenring 39. From there, walk south towards Zülpicher Straße. After a few metres, turn right into Zülpicher Platz and then turn left into Heinsbergstraße. After a few metres, you can turn right into Kyffhäuserstraße, where you can easily see our office.

Please note that we can only make appointments by telephone or another arrangement.

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In our daily work, we are guided by the central idea of the legal profession: to get the best for our clients. However, to ensure this, the more traditionally ingrained legal profession must increasingly deal with changes in the market. With digitalisation, the work of a lawyer has also changed comprehensively. The art is to combine today’s opportunities with traditional values to achieve the ideal result for the client.

We achieve this by extensive use of the latest technologies, which enable our efficient and flexible way of working throughout Germany and internationally. This way, our lawyers have optimal conditions to address all your legal concerns with the expertise and care you expect.

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Locations & Office Times

Mo – Fr: 09:00 – 19:00
24h Contact: 0221 93295960
Email: info@se-legal.de
Appointments made by telephone only.

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