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When looking to make investments in Germany receive informed advice from legal experts. Our team of lawyers can provide tailor-made portfolios to suit your interests. From our offices in Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf our team advises private and business clients from all over the world. Find structured plans and crucial insights from our lawyers today.

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Insightful Investment Advice and Recommendations: Tailored to You by German Lawyers

Receive strategic and informed advice when making investments in Germany. Our investment team consists of experienced legal professionals who will inform you of the best means by which to maximise on the benefits of your investment. Securing the services of our lawyers ensures that you will be aware of any legal pitfalls in such an investment. Avoiding costly and complex legal disputes through complying with the legal necessities is a vital consideration to make when investing. Additionally, our lawyers can draft and thoroughly review your contracts ensuring that there are no surprise elements within the bureaucracy. Our lawyers are seasoned negotiators and will ensure that your interests are the priority during such mediations.

Our Services as Investment Lawyers

Our experienced legal team provides comprehensive service as investment lawyers, from the drafting of contracts and in-court representation to advice on restructuring your investments. However, we also provide specialised guidance when it comes to specific investments such as classic and vintage cars, vineyards and real estate. The services listed here are a sample of our services and for more information about our services, please contact our firm directly.

Our Services in the Area of Investments

Contracts: design, drafting, and analysis
German Residency by Investment
Investment diversification
Legal representation in investment fraud cases
Negotiations and legal in-court representation
Sale of investments
German private equity lawyers

Advice on Specific Areas of Investment

Buying and Selling Classic Cars
Buying and Selling Falcons
Purchasing Gold in Germany
Purchasing Investment Property
Purchasing Vineyards

Astute Investment Advice from a Full-Service Law Firm based in Germany

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte we are a full-service law firm who advise individual and corporate clients across the board in their dealings with German law. With such knowledge and experience within our firm we can be relied upon to consider the full scale of legal concerns when providing our advice. Ensure your investments are legally compliant by working with us. Our firm has offices in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen as well as conference room facilities in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt and our services are provided in German and English as well as other languages. Contact us today to benefit from our services. Our lawyers are ready when you are.

Legal Assistance for Private Individuals Investing from Abroad

Our lawyers are at hand to provide you with in-depth advice relating to your potential investments. When investing from abroad it is valuable to have on-the-ground expertise in Germany to ensure that you are fully aware of your legal requirements when making the investment. On this matter, our team conducts due diligence regarding such investments on behalf of our clients. We will provide you with detailed information concerning the intended investment, the potential benefits of said investment and the scale of the risk involved. Once the decision has been taken to make a certain investment, our lawyers will act as a conduit between you and the local authorities in Germany where necessary. This is vital in registration issues and in certain other legal matters.

Real estate is a popular area of investment for private individuals. When investing in real estate, our lawyers can provide you with incisive details regarding the investment opportunities suited to your desire. From there, we will oversee the necessary paperwork and negotiations to complete the transaction. Insightful advice from those with access to key information about real estate greatly increases the likelihood of a successful investment.

Moreover, our lawyers provide specialised advice on investing in a number of other valuable assets, from classic and vintage cars and yachts to race horses and falcons.

Moving to Germany for Investment Purposes

Investing in Germany can lead to residency and afterwards German citizenship. Under § 21 of the German Residence Act it is possible to receive a German residence permit for the purpose of self-employment. Within this provision, it is possible to invest in German companies, real estate and development funds in order to avail of this residence permit. Our lawyers are widely experienced when it comes to securing this particular visa and have worked with entrepreneurs and investors from around the world in securing it. Allow them to guide you through the necessary application requirements and to provide insightful advice as to where to invest when gaining this visa.

Once in Germany, our investment lawyers can provide on-going support and assistance in future investments. From advice on bonds, stocks and real estate to those on other assets such as vintage cars, gold and yachts, our lawyers advise across the board with the aim of providing you with a profitable and diverse portfolio of investments.

Angel Investors and Venture Capital in Germany

Clients looking to invest into companies in Germany benefit from consultations with our lawyers. As experienced lawyers for start-up companies in Germany we regularly come into contact with ambitious entrepreneurs looking for partnerships. Finding the right company with potential for sustained growth, is more straightforward with assistance from experts in Germany. Provide us with your criteria and particular areas of interest and our lawyers will highlight some key companies suitable to your considerations. On your behalf our legal team will carry out the necessary due diligence and investigations into the different opportunities available to your individual case. Once our analysis has concluded we will report back to you as whether the investment is suitable.

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