Pension Refund in German

Your German Lawyer for Expats

Pension Refund in German

Your German Lawyer for Expats

If you have worked in Germany, you have paid into the statutory pension insurance. Over time, these contributions can add up to several thousand euros. Non-EU citizens can claim this money back after they leave Germany. However, whether you are entitled to a refund depends on many factors – for example, your nationality, how long you worked in Germany, how long you were abroad and where you currently reside.

The German law firm Schlun & Elseven offers competent and committed legal assistance to provide our clients with the support they need. Our lawyers for German social and administrative law check whether there is a claim for reimbursement in your case. We take over the entire application on your behalf and handle all the bureaucratic and legal requirements to ensure you get your pension refund back as quickly as possible.

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Enforcement of a claim for repayment
  • Legal advice on all questions concerning pension insurance
  • Calculation of the pension contributions you have paid
  • Assertion of the claim for repayment against the pension institution concerned
  • Review of the refund decision
  • Representation in appeal proceedings before the Higher Regional Court
Information on
  • Your rights and obligations
  • Options for action

  • Prospects of success

  • Costs

Who is entitled to a pension refund in Germany?

For our lawyers to apply for your pension refund, we must determine whether you are eligible for such a payment. This eligibility is based on several crucial factors:

  • You are not an EU/EEA citizen (unless you are an EU/EEA citizen who is at least 67 years old and cannot receive a German pension),
  • you are not obliged to pay into the German pension system (and cannot make voluntary contributions),
  • and your last German pension payment was more than 24 months ago.

EU/EEA citizens can continue to pay contributions into the German pension and are usually not entitled to a refund. In most cases, you are entitled to a German pension from age 67. However, if the person is at least 67 and not entitled to a German pension, they should contact our legal team.

Countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Canada and the Philippines have a pension agreement with Germany. Depending on the circumstances of the individual case, they may be entitled to a pension refund. However, if they cannot get a pension refund, they can get a German pension at age 67. To be entitled to a German pension refund, the following conditions must be met:

  • You have made less than 60 monthly pension payments in Germany (5 full years of pension payments),
  • your last pension payment was more than 24 months ago,
  • and you live now outside the European Union.

Other countries with social security agreements with Germany include Brazil, South Korea, India, Israel, Japan, Uruguay, Chile, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Moldova, Albania and Macedonia.

If you have paid into the German pension scheme for more than 60 months/five years, reimbursement is impossible. Those who have paid contributions for over five years are entitled to a German pension. However, it is essential that you claim your entitlement.

Applying for a pension refund

Anyone working in Germany (including as a self-employed person) must contribute to the statutory pension insurance. Since German pension deductions are about 9.3% of gross monthly wages, this can add up to a significant contribution over time. The reimbursement can add up to thousands of euros. German pension insurance does not automatically grant you this refund, so it is essential to apply for it. However, the application process is complex and without professional help, it can be very time-consuming.

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.