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At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, we are a full-service law firm with offices and conference rooms across Germany. With certified experts and dedicated teams of specialisee attorneys, we provide legal opinions for clients in all areas of German law. Our clients can rely on us in times of difficulty and in advance of intricate legal issues. Contact us directly to work with our professionals.

The Need for Legal Opinions by Reliable Experts

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our lawyers work with clients worldwide and across legal fields. We regularly provide expert legal opinions in diverse legal areas. The legal opinion allows parties to gain a qualified legal outlook on a specific issue related to a transaction. It is a written document presented by a qualified lawyer, and it should be considered when entering into complex arrangements. It may concern the validity of records, contractual obligations, and whether German law will impact a particular project. The legal opinion should be sought before commercial transactions, as when clearly defined it will outline certain legal risks inherent in the issue.

The need for a legal opinion can arise regarding a concrete issue concerning specific events or clauses or more abstract legal issues.

Legal Opinion for Business Clients

Situation: You or your company needs a legal opinion regarding matters of M&A, contracts, intellectual property and more.

Our Services: Intellectual property, M&A, corporate tax, Full-Service Packages

Legal Opinion for Private Individuals

Situation: You need a legal opinion as a private individual in matters such as inheritance law, litigation, criminal law and investments.

Our Services: German criminal law, inheritance law, litigation and investments.

Industry-Specific Legal Opinions

Situation: Your company is in need of a legal opinion that considers the implications of the decisions within your industry.

Our Industries: Banking industry, Gaming & Entertainment, Insurance, Non-Profit Organisations, Retail

The Benefit of Schlun & Elseven

Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte is a full-service law firm with offices and conference rooms all over Germany. Our global clients benefit from our services as we operate across all legal fields in Germany. Our lawyers can create unique synergies to discover creative solutions tailored to your needs through our multidisciplinary and full-service approach. With dedicated teams and certified legal specialists on our team, our clients can rely on us to provide them with the guidance they need. We can be relied upon in one-off projects or cases, and in providing ongoing support for companies engaged in the German market.

Our law firm is aware of the time-sensitive nature of important legal questions. We place great value on efficiency, excellence in customer service and timely response to urgent queries. A well-considered legal opinion that outlines the potential pitfalls of certain processes can make the difference. The use of high-speed and reliable communication methods, such as our 24-hr hour hotline and video conferencing facilities, ensures that you can reach us from anywhere in the world.

Legal Opinion for Business Clients

Our corporate clients can rely on Schlun & Elseven to provide them with reliable legal opinions across legal fields in matters of commercial interest. Complex cross-border issues and projects, in particular, should be analysed and assessed by professionals before advancing the transaction. Failure to have a legal overview from experienced experts can lead to costly legal disputes down the line that may damage the enterprise.

In particular, transactions involving the acquisition or merger of companies, those involving loan and security transactions, and matters of property purchase and sale should involve the input of qualified lawyers, particularly in the event of doubt over elements.  Based on the facts of the situation, our lawyers may need information from the company register, the tax authorities, and other regulating bodies. Once we have the complete information, we can then report the results within the legal opinion. Through our legal opinion, our lawyers comprehensively assess the matter and determine whether there are legal obstacles preventing the successful conclusion of the intended deal.

Legal Opinion for Private Individuals

Private individuals also benefit from well-considered legal opinions by expert lawyers. Our legal opinions are provided in an efficient manner that sets out the facts,  identifies the relevant laws and regulations, and applies those laws to the facts. Our team will seek to answer the question asked in clearly and in an objective manner. Having a lawyer take the time to examine the legal principles involved in such complex transactions can be the difference between years of drawn-out legal disputes, and a quick resolution to the issue.

Through the legal opinion, our lawyers will inform our clients of a transaction or matter’s legal effect and will identify legal risks that need to be considered further. If litigation appears likely our team can inform our clients regarding particular documents or facts and whether they can play a role as evidence in the matter. The enforceability or lack thereof of contracts in cross-border matters can also play a major role.

Industry-Specific Legal Opinions

As industry experts in sectors such as the automotive, insurance, gaming, health and banking industries, our experts provide their expertise with due consideration to the impact of them as related to the industry. Legal opinions are often required for complex financial deals, forex trading and in banking transactions, and should be considered when engaging in the cryptocurrency trade. For those in the financial industries a legal opinion will provide guidance regarding whether the borrower can perform their obligations under the relevant finance documents, will analyse the legal effect of those documents and highlight legal risks involved with the translation.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our team closely monitors developments and amendments in German law to ensure that our legal opinions are current and applicable to your situation. With the multidisciplinary nature of our firm, you can rely on us to offer legal opinions about issues related to corporate laws, taxes, consumer laws, real estate, employment and labour laws, and many others. Our lawyers tailor advice to the specifics of your particular situation.

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