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Dr. Richard Nouvertné

Dr. Richard Nouvertné is a freelance lawyer with Schlun & Elseven Attorneys. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Dr. Nouvertné was a member of the board of a medium-sized credit institution for 20 years. Through this work, he has gained extensive practical experience in almost all areas of banking law. As a market executive, he is familiar with the special economic needs of commercial (credit) customers, the consumer rights of private customers as well as the liability risks of the bank’s board of directors.

Dr. Richard Nouvertné is the managing director of a forest owners’ association. He is therefore familiar with the current economic and legal challenges facing forest farmers. He is also aware of the funding opportunities for forest owners through awareness of0 EU law and German law in the field. Furthermore, Dr. Nouvertné is a member of the board of a non-profit association that supports nursing homes and for many years was a member of the board of a solar power cooperative.

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Fields of activity: Focus on corporate law and banking law

Dr. Richard Nouvertné advises clients in many areas of civil law, in particular corporate law and banking law. Here he is an experienced professional in areas such as: the conclusion of contracts, in particular for complex credit and security agreements and the implementation of contracts, for restructuring and insolvency as well as for questions of consumer protection. He also advises managing directors and board members on questions of delegation and organisation within companies in order to avoid personal liability and fine proceedings.

Forest law is another focus of his advisory activities.

Brief Résumé

After studying law at Saarland University and the Universities of Cologne and Bonn, he completed his doctorate at the University of Bonn with a dissertation entitled “Dienstbarkeiten und Reallasten als Sicherungsmittel” (“Easements and Charges on Land as Means of Security”). After the 2nd state examination, he first headed the legal and credit processing department of a credit institution for several years before he took over market responsibility and later board responsibility. For many years he has been an examiner for both the tax consultant exam and the auditor exam.


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Dr. Richard Nouvertné

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