Lawyer Dr. Tim Schlun

Dr. Tim Schlun

Dr. Tim Schlun is a founding partner of the law firm Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte. He is an experienced lawyer with a distinguished background in international contract law, German and international real estate law, wealth management and advising on family office facilities.

Expertise in Contract Law and International Sales Law

Dr. Schlun is a highly accomplished contract lawyer. Many years of involvement in contractual mediations, both within Germany and on the international stage, has allowed him to accumulate great skill and knowledge as a negotiator. He has represented our private individual and business clients from all over the world in this field and he is a leader of our contract law team.

One area in which Dr. Schlun has additional expertise in is international sales law. In this field, he has been particularly active in the purchase and sale of vintage cars, horses, boats and other valuable assets. Forceful in defending your rights, our clients appreciate the high standards and thorough preparation which Dr. Schlun brings to the table.

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Value to our Clients – Family Office Management

In his role as managing partner of our firm, Dr. Schlun plays a vital role in the continuing growth of the firm. Dr. Schlun is responsible for the welfare and legal affairs of our high-profile clients. He has been described by clients as “committed, open and assertive” when acting on their behalf.

As a legal professional with extensive experience, he informs our clients on their family office options, appraises and prepares prenuptial agreements, advises in cases of divorce and supports clients on their resident permit options in moving to Germany. With Dr. Schlun in your corner, your legal matters are in safe hands

Specialized in Real Estate Transactions and Investments

Dr. Schlun advises our clients as senior partner of our real estate law practice group, on all questions relating to international construction law, real estate transactions and investments. As a lawyer for real estate law, Dr. Schlun works for investors from all over the world, both in Germany and internationally. His activities include thoroughly analysing real estate purchase agreements, drafting rental and lease agreements as well as declarations of partition, tenant easements and loan agreements.

Dr. Schlun is an expert in the field. His background with the family business: Baugruppe Schlun (a construction company based near Aachen) means that he has always had an interest in the field of construction and real estate law. He is also the author of numerous specialist articles in this field and is a sought-after expert in the field.

Dr. Tim Schlun: Career

Dr. Tim Schlun studied law at the universities of Bonn and Vienna before completing his PhD at the University of Trier. He completed his first state examination at the Higher Regional Court of Cologne while also working first as a research assistant and later as a project manager in the family business: Baugruppe Schlun. During this time, he supervised construction projects in the field of residential construction and retail trade.

He completed the second state examination at the Ministry of Justice in Düsseldorf. After completing his first state examination, Dr Tim Schlun began his doctorate at the University of Trier under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Heiner Kühne.

Lawyer Dr. Tim Schlun

Dr. Tim Schlun
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