Corporate restructuring and
insolvency management
in Germany

German Corporate Lawyers

Corporate restructuring and insolvency management in Germany

German Corporate Lawyers

A professionally conducted corporate restructuring is undoubtedly an extremely effective measure to help companies through troubled economic times in a targeted manner or even to save them from insolvency proceedings. However, choosing suitable instruments is crucial for a swift and efficient restructuring.

As a multidisciplinary law firm, Schlun & Elseven offers comprehensive advice on German corporate and insolvency law – especially concerning measures that can help companies get back on a solid footing. Our German lawyers first examine which restructuring procedure is best suited to your company. We then develop – in close cooperation with you – a viable restructuring concept, which takes into account such crucial factors as time, costs, social compatibility and external impact. Our multidisciplinary legal team puts all its expertise and experience at your disposal so that you can master this challenge quickly and without complications and become fit again for future challenges.

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Our Services

  • Company analysis

  • Complex loan restructuring

  • Insolvency management: drafting as well as reviewing insolvency plans

  • Negotiations on debt repayment and restructuring

  • Representation in and out of court

  • Securing financing to ensure the liquidity of the company

Corporate Restructuring in Germany

As restructuring lawyer, we aim to ensure that our clients do not face bankruptcy. We do this by working with our clients to ensure that their debt is restructured to allow them to keep trading. When facing bankruptcy in Germany, many companies can face difficulties in the German legal system and more intangible cultural norms. Working with a partner German legal firm can allow your company to benefit from our German business environment’s insight and knowledge. We can then approach your case with an efficient and professional outlook and apply creative solutions where necessary.

As a multidisciplinary legal firm, we provide our clients with expertise in various legal fields in issuing our advice. Bankruptcy and corporate restructuring is a complex field where having such a broad range facilitates the process by providing a greater overview of Germany’s legal realities. Our banking and restructuring team can use their knowledge and litigation experience in the fields of employment law, M&A, taxation, banking law, as well as in insolvency proceedings to provide a comprehensive picture.

Corporate Restructuring in Action

As your corporate restructuring legal team, we will work with you in planning our course of action. Planning how to emerge from any crisis while bearing in mind the financial realities and the corporate identity of our clients is vital. Therefore, we will work with accountants and tax advisors, among other financial advisers, to provide an incisive evaluation of where action can be taken. In addition, we will oversee negotiations between your company, its creditors and its debtors to ensure that the correct actions are taken as appropriate. This may lead to the need for in-court representation or the managing of arbitration actions, and whichever route is pursued, our corporate lawyers will be at your side.

Corporate restructurings are by their nature complex and involve many invested parties. Our legal team will be there tirelessly throughout the lengthy process and will ensure that your company’s best interests are put to the forefront whenever possible. When a plan of action has been decided upon, we will by the side of our clients to implement the exit strategy decided upon. Following a successful restructuring, we will remain at our corporate partners’ service as they seek to continue operations from a position of strength.

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