Renouncing German Citizenship

German Citizenship Lawyers

Renouncing German Citizenship

German Citizenship Lawyers

Previously under German law, those seeking to acquire citizenship of another country may have expected the process to involve renouncing their German citizenship. With the changes in German citizenship law this is no longer generally the case. However, there are other reasons for renouncing citizenship, ranging from tax and business decisions to personal reasons. With the reform of German citizenship law, Section 17 StAG, which regulates the loss of German citizenship, has been revised. In some cases, the application of this standard may prove to be problematic.

To provide our clients with the clarity they need, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte offers expert legal assistance. Our lawyers have in-depth expertise in German citizenship law based on their many years of experience handling application procedures. They will be happy to take over the entire application process for you and ensure that all open questions are clarified with the relevant authorities so that the path to your new citizenship is cleared as quickly as possible and you can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

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Distinction between Loss and Renunciation of German Citizenship

Under legally prescribed conditions, you can renounce your German citizenship on your own initiative. You lose your German citizenship involuntarily,

Sections 18 and 25 StAG, according to which a German is released from their German citizenship or loses it if they apply to acquire foreign citizenship, will no longer apply with the amendment to the law. With the reform, dual citizenship is generally permitted under German law. The authorisation of dual citizenship also eliminates the need for a retention permit, the granting of which was previously a prerequisite for an exceptional permit for multiple citizenship.