Renouncing German Citizenship

German Citizenship Lawyers

Renouncing German Citizenship

German Citizenship Lawyers

Renouncing German citizenship can be a prerequisite for obtaining the citizenship of another country. As a rule, German nationality law does not permit dual nationality, especially when applying for citizenship of third countries (non-EU countries). However, there are other reasons for renouncing citizenship, ranging from tax and business decisions to personal reasons.

To provide our clients with the clarity they need, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte offers expert legal assistance. Our lawyers have in-depth expertise in German citizenship law based on their many years of experience handling application procedures. They will be happy to take over the entire application process for you and ensure that all open questions are clarified with the relevant authorities so that the path to your new citizenship is cleared as quickly as possible and you can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

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Renouncing German Citizenship: What is Needed?

To renounce German citizenship, you must have dual or multiple citizenships. Voluntary renunciation of citizenship is not possible in Germany if this leaves the person without a recognised citizenship. Renunciation of German nationality is regulated in § 26 (1) StAG (Nationality Act) and states:

Germans may renounce their citizenship if they have multiple citizenships. Such a renunciation must be declared in writing.

Persons who wish to renounce their citizenship must present their documents and submit an application to the German embassy or consulate general responsible. Only after examination and approval can German citizenship be renounced, as § 26 (3) StAG standardises:

The loss of citizenship takes effect when the certificate of renunciation issued by the approving authority is handed over to the applicant.

The processing time is usually about four months. However, errors in the application can hinder the procedure and thus lead to a longer processing time. Our residence and immigration lawyers will assist you with your application and ensure all formalities and requirements are met. We advise clients worldwide to avoid any mistakes and pitfalls in their applications.

All minors or adults under care also need the consent of the German family court to renounce their nationality. In addition, there are certain occupational groups, such as soldiers in the German Armed Forces and active German civil servants, where an applicant cannot renounce their German citizenship. However, an exception is provided that the applicant has lived abroad continuously for at least ten years.