German Immigration Lawyers

Legal Solutions Made in Germany


Legal Solutions Made in Germany

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our team of German immigration lawyers advises and represents both private individuals and business clients in all areas of immigration law. Our team oversees visa applications, such as the Job Seeker Visa, EU Blue Cards, residence permits for employees, residence permits for investors and those for family reunions. We also advise clients on matters relating to acquiring German citizenship and possibilities relating to dual citizenship. Our business immigration team is available to provide ongoing support to companies in the area of German immigration law. Contact our team directly by using the contact details below to start a productive partnership.

Full-Service Legal Support for Business and Private Clients

Our full-service legal approach is available to benefit our private and business clients in all matters of German immigration law. From our offices and Düsseldorf in Cologne, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg, we advise clients worldwide. Companies and private clients can reliably consolidate all their legal services under one roof.

For business clients, Germany remains the strongest economy in Europe, however bringing in the best employees from around the world can be a complex process. Our business immigration lawyers are ready to be your reliable partner in overseeing your company’s visa and residence permit applications. If your company is considering relocating to Germany, or opening a subsidiary or branch office in Germany, our lawyers are ready to take care of its German immigration law requirements.

Business Immigration

As a business immigration client of Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, you can expect comprehensive legal. We advise entrepreneurs aiming to come to Germany as well as companies in Germany on their immigration options.

For companies in Germany, our lawyers oversee all the immigration requirements when they look to hire top-class management, experts and employees from around the world. Our lawyers will guide you through the necessities in relation to the EU Blue Card, the ICT-Card, family reunification and all other issues relating to residence permits and visas. Let our lawyers focus on the bureaucratic requirements of German business immigration law, so that you can focus on the other aspects of running your company.

Our firm also provides specialist support for global entrepreneurs looking to bring their business ideas to Germany. Under the conditions of § 21 German Residence Act, entrepreneurs and investors from outside of the EU can obtain a residence permit for self-employment in Germany. Our business immigration lawyers offer full-service support to such entrepreneurs. Our team will oversee the visa application, examine your business plan and ensure that you do not fall victim to possible pitfalls.

Brexit-Related Immigration Issues

The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union (“Brexit”) has resulted in many changes for UK citizens who are looking to live, work and study in Germany. For those UK citizens currently residing in Germany, there is now a requirement to avail of a residence permit to continue living in Germany. Similar difficulties arise for German and other EU citizens now looking to move to the UK.

Our immigration lawyers are available for all of these matters and much more. From applying for the EU Blue Card and other residence permits to questions concerning family reunification and German citizenship, our immigration lawyers are available to assist you. Similarly, our business immigration law team is here to support companies impacted by the fallout from Brexit.

Citizenship Applications

The two most common routes to German citizenship are through descent and residency. Both processes demonstrate the importance of Germany to the individual, whether this is through their familial links to the country or because they have made Germany their new home. For many individuals, their familial ties are significant for self-discovery. Knowing where our family comes from allows them to appreciate who they are.

German citizenship by naturalization allows people born outside of Germany to become German citizens due to them residing in Germany. Citizenship is not a requirement to live and work in Germany. Still, it provides many benefits, such as voting rights and the ability to remain in Germany permanently, which means that visas and resident permits are no longer required.

Dual Citizenship Applications

As more people move to Germany and make their homes there, the interest in dual citizenship has increased. German citizenship provides enormous advantages for those based in Germany. They are then not limited by visas or residence permits regarding their form of employment, do not need to undergo more bureaucracy if they wish to retire in Germany, and can benefit from EU citizenship. However, those interested in German citizenship may not want to give up their previous citizenship and therefore seek advice regarding dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship is a complex legal area, and it varies considerably based on the country of origin of the applicant. For those seeking German citizenship from European Union countries, retaining their original citizenship is much more straightforward than those from third countries. The laws in this area also depend on the citizenship laws of the other country alongside Germany. However, the legal situation in Germany relating to citizenship is set for changes in the coming years. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with citizenship lawyers to receive specialised counsel pertaining to your dual citizenship case.

Our lawyers will support you when applying for the German Retention Permit (“die Beibehaltungsgenehmigung”. This application must be made because Germans generally lose their citizenship when they acquire foreign nationality, and the German Retention Permit is not provided automatically. However, it is not necessary in cases where the citizenship of another EU member state or Switzerland is accepted.

Employment-based German Visas

If you are determined to move to Germany for employment purposes, our team of immigration lawyers will provide the legal counsel and assistance needed. Our team advises on options available to skilled workers under the recent Skilled Immigration Act, supports companies with ICT Card processes and consults with clients regarding various visas. Our team supports businesses by overseeing ICT Card applications for the entire company and will provide reliable legal advice relating to accelerating applications under the Skilled Immigration Act.

For freelancers and digital nomads, our team is here to assist them with the options available to them, such as the German Freelance Visa. This visa allows freelancers, self-employed individuals and digital nomads to establish themselves and reside in Germany. However, it is not the only option available to those in this position. A meeting with our team will allow them to outline your options relating to starting a business in Germany, avoiding “fake” self-employment (“Scheinselbstständigkeit”) and whether they may be eligible to apply for the EU Blue Card.

EU Blue Card Applications

The EU Blue Card is designed for high-earning individuals from third countries and those in fields with employee shortages. Applicants need to fulfil the following conditions:

  • possession of a German or an accredited foreign university degree comparable to a German one.
  • an offer of a job in Germany that reaches the required earning limits– or
  • an offer of a job in an area where workers are being sought for in Germany (scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and IT-skilled workers) which has a lower earning requirement.

The holder of such an EU Blue Card may stay in the EU for up to four years and there are also increased prospects regarding a potential permanent settlement permit and family reunification. Should an EU Blue Card holder demonstrate the required German language requirements (B1 standard) they can accelerate their claim to German permanent residency. Our team of German immigration lawyers will advise you on all questions concerning the EU Blue Card in Germany.