Domestic Violence Cases in Germany

German Family Lawyers

Domestic Violence Cases in Germany

German Family Lawyers

According to an evaluation by the ministries of the interior and the state criminal investigation offices, almost 161,000 people became victims of domestic violence in 2021, with two-thirds of those affected being women. However, it is assumed that there are far more victims than documented because being a victim of a violent crime triggers shame and fear in many of those affected.

German law offers several preventive measures under civil law to prevent domestic violence cases. Through the provisions of the Protection against Violence Act, victims can protect themselves from violent assaults and stalking.

To guarantee our clients quick and effective help in such a situation, the German law firm Schlun & Elseven offers competent and committed legal assistance. Our lawyers have excellent professional competence and the necessary empathy to make this emotionally demanding situation as pleasant as possible and to obtain your protection without delay.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like personal legal advice and need specialised assistance.

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Legal assistance in German Family Law

Representation in Domestic Violence Cases
  • Comprehensive legal support for victims of domestic violence

  • Interim injunction regarding prohibition of proximity and contact

  • If necessary, representation in divorce proceedings

Victim representation in criminal proceedings
  • Criminal complaint

  • Representation as joint plaintiff in criminal proceedings

  • Securing evidence

  • Consultation of witnesses and experts

  • Compensation for pain and suffering | Claims for damages

The Meaning of Domestic Violence under German Law

The term “domestic violence” includes all acts of violence that can occur among people living in a household. Whether it is a child, the father, the mother or the partner who is the victim – if the parties involved live together in a domestic community, assaults of a physical, sexual and physical nature are referred to as domestic violence. Therefore, the term also includes acts such as stalking, threats, insults, deprivation of liberty, telephone terror (cf. § 1 para. 1 sentence 3 no. 4 GewSchG) and much more.