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Criminal proceedings can have dramatic consequences for the accused, who must face both the police and the prosecution. Attempting a defence without the help of a specialized criminal lawyer is extremely risky. A specialized criminal defence lawyer with experience will know how to respond. We therefore urgently recommend contacting our criminal lawyers at the start of the investigation proceedings. The sooner we start on your defence strategy, the more likely it is that we will be successful.

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There is a common misconception that instructing a criminal defence lawyer is an acknowledgement of guilt – this is definitely not true. Instead, it is simply a measure designed to ensure that your rights are protected during criminal proceedings. Not knowing how to respond during a criminal law case reduces the likelihood of your success. This applies to knowing criminal law procedure when it comes to handling house searches and even in terms of what to say in the police summons.

As your personal contact, our defence attorney Mr Philipp Busse and his team will assist you with all kinds of criminal law problems and questions. As a former public prosecutor, he can provide the insight you need when it comes to planning your defence. We advise clients from all over the world in their dealings with German law. Contact us today in our offices at Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf, or in one of our conference rooms in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

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