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Criminal proceedings can have dramatic consequences for the accused, who must face both the police and the prosecution. Attempting a defense without the help of a specialized criminal lawyer is extremely risky. A specialized criminal defense lawyer with experience will know how to respond. We therefore urgently recommend contacting our criminal lawyers at the start of the investigation proceedings. The sooner we start on your defense strategy, the more likely it is that we will be successful.

Criminal Law News
Criminal Law News

Expert Criminal Defense Services in Germany: Convenient and Thorough Counsel

There is a common misconception that instructing a criminal defense lawyer is an acknowledgement of guilt – this is definitely not true. Instead, it is simply a measure designed to ensure that your rights are protected during the criminal proceedings. Not knowing how to respond during a criminal law case reduces the likelihood of your success. This applies when it comes to knowing criminal law procedure, when it comes to how to handle house searches and even in terms of what to say in the police summons.

As your personal contact, our defense attorney Mr Philipp Busse and his team will assist you with all kinds of criminal law problems and questions. As a former public prosecutor, he can provide the insight you need when it comes to planning your defense. We advise clients from all over the world in their dealings with German law. Contact us today in our offices at Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf, or in one of our conference rooms in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Munich.

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At Schlun & Elseven Lawyers, we are a full-service law firm who provide comprehensive assistance to a diverse range of clients. Our clients are from all over the world and they look to us to provide them with the legal aid they need. In the field of criminal defense we support our clients in English and German and, using modern technology, we are always available. When appropriate, our lawyers utilize knowledge from other legal fields in order to ensure that our clients benefit from thorough legal counsel. Contact us today to find out what our lawyers can do for you. Our contact details are located below this article.

Major Criminal Law Offences

Our criminal lawyers provide specialist support in major areas of German criminal law. An accusation made in one of these areas can lead to huge consequences for the individual on a personal and professional level. The case may ultimately lead to acquittal of all charges but by then damage may have already been done. Therefore, it is a necessity to work with a criminal lawyer should you be in this situation! Our criminal defense lawyers will work with you to form a strategy of defense. In cases we will work towards your acquittal or the mitigation of your sentence, if acquittal is not possible.

If you have been the victim of a major crime such as these listed, it is also in your interests to contact a specialist in the field of criminal law. Our lawyers will guide you through what steps you need to take next. With our experience in the courtroom, and our knowledge of criminal procedure, we have seen these situations before and know what to do in such circumstances. Read our articles to find out more about the individual area of criminal law concerned. Contact us directly for specialised assistance with your particular case.

Business Crime Activity

At Schlun & Elseven we work with corporate clients from all over the world in their interactions with German law. With our guidance, our corporate clients can feel confident in navigating the German legal system. Corporate criminal law is one area in which we provide our services. We are aware of how certain investigations should be conducted and kept in-house whereas others will require in-court representation. Our lawyers provide legal defense to individuals caught up in such accusations, but we also counsel businesses who may have legal questions about certain actions or transactions.

From our extensive experience of working with companies of different sizes we are aware of how sensitive such matters can be. Working with our legal professionals we can assure our discretion in such matters. The support of a lawyer is necessary should you face accusations as such claims not only bring the possibility of legal sanctions, but can be very damaging to a person’s personal and professional life as well. Do not hesitate to contact our criminal lawyers should you find yourself in such a corporate criminal case.

Technology, Media and German Criminal Law Advice

The changes and developments in technology in recent decades have changed everything about our lives. Crime has similarly been affected by these developments. Fraud due to cybercrime incidents is rising. The amount of money lost due to such fraud every year is eye-opening! Should you be the victim of such a fraud action, or a victim of another cybercrime offence, it is in your interests to contact a criminal lawyer for advice. In such a relatively new area of law it can be difficult to know what to do next. Our lawyers will advise you of the next steps to take.

Similarly, in such an area of law it is easy to be falsely accused of benefitting from such a scam. It is not uncommon for accusations and investigations to find the wrong person. Therefore, contacting a lawyer in such circumstances is crucial to make sure that the case goes no further than it needs to.

Our lawyers also advise and provide defense services when it comes to accusations of cyberstalking and defamation. Contact our team of lawyers to find out more about the services we offer in these fields.

Drug Offences

There are many drug offences for which a person can be found liable under German law. The severity of the charges faced will depend on the type of drug, the nature of the offence and factors such as whether the action was committed on a commercial basis or for personal usage. When it comes to the type of drug there is, for example, a difference between possessing marijuana and possessing cocaine for personal usage. Our pages on these individual topics will outline to you how such differences are recognised. Our lawyers will support you in your case on this matter.

Accusations of drug offences can be damaging to a person’s professional and personal life. It can be difficult to know what to do in such circumstances. Working with a criminal defense lawyer is the best way to proceed in such a scenario. Once our lawyers are in your corner, we can work together to formulate our strategy. We will support you both inside and outside of court. Using our knowledge of narcotics law and German criminal procedure, we will make sure that you have comprehensive counsel in your case.

German Criminal Law Procedure

If you are facing accusations of criminal offences in Germany, it is crucial to contact a criminal defense lawyer. Having a lawyer at your disposal is not a sign of trying to hide guilt but instead a manner of ensuring that you have experience on your side. Criminal law cases are complicated, and they do not simply start in the courtroom. If you have not previously been involved in a criminal law case it can be a daunting experience! Before even reaching a court there may be house searches, there may be interrogations and police summonses, having a lawyer during this time is vital to your future success. During a police summons what you say may be held against you in court. It is possible to incriminate yourself during this time and therefore operating through a criminal defense lawyer is the best plan available to you.

House searches and pre-trial detentions are also available to the prosecuting side. However, these steps are major intrusions on a person’s rights and should only be used when appropriate. Even with the right documentation in place, it is still crucial that these measures are carried out in the correct manner. Not doing so is a major abuse of a person’s human rights. Having a criminal defense lawyer in your corner will ensure that your rights are put to the forefront in such manners.

Criminal law cases follow certain patterns. There are rules in place for every aspect; from how witnesses and experts should be called to how evidence should be presented. Although you may not have experienced a criminal law case in Germany before, our criminal defense lawyers have seen this scenario many times before now. They will be able to outline to you how a case will proceed and what you can expect during it.

Driving & Traffic Offences

Driving offences can in some circumstances lead to criminal convictions. Whether an offence will be deemed as criminal or administrative in nature depends on the facts of the case. Different circumstances such as whether a case is a repeat offence, the amount of alcohol consumed in a DUI case and whether there were casualties in the traffic collision will play a large role. However, cases which are administrative in nature can carry heavy penalties with large fines and driving bans of up to several months applying in some situations. Criminal proceedings carry heavier potential sanctions with prison sentences and driving disqualification amongst the sanctions possible during such cases. In criminal proceedings it is strongly advisable to only proceed with a German criminal lawyer in your corner!

Driving offences in Germany are not merely limited to cars as it is also possible to face criminal cases for traffic offences committed with e-scooters. Using an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol can result in a prison sentence as well as driving bans. Our article on the topic outlines German law in relation to e-scooters.

Driving offences committed in Germany can also impact a person when they are not in the jurisdiction of Germany. Even in situations where they return to their home country, a driving ban issued in Germany has consequences and can follow them there. Should you find yourself in such a situation contact our legal team and from there they can examine your individual case.

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