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Criminal proceedings can have dramatic consequences for the accused, who has to face both the police and the prosecution. Attempting a defence without the help of a specialized criminal lawyer is extremely risky. We therefore urgently recommend instructing a criminal lawyer at the start of the investigation proceedings. The sooner work on a defence strategy is begun, the more likely it is that either a discontinuation of the criminal proceedings or an acquittal can be achieved.

There is a common misconception that instructing a criminal defence lawyer is some kind of acknowledgement of guilt – this is definitely not true! Instead, it is simply a measure designed to ensure that your rights are protected during the criminal proceedings.

As your personal contact, Mr. Philipp Busse and his team will assist you with all kinds of criminal law problems and questions in our offices at Aachen, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich.

Comprehensive and personal support in difficult times

Schlun & Elseven will provide assertive representation for you and your interests.

Services Provided in Criminal Law

The legal field of “criminal law” covers a diverse range of offences. At Schlun & Elseven, our lawyers are aware of that and thus provide comprehensive representation for our clients. Our team will ensure you understand the rules and requirements as provided for in legislation such as in the German Criminal Code, the German Criminal Procedure Code and the German Civil Code. Below listed are just some of the areas in which we provide advice, counsel and representation. Make use of our offer today and ask for a preliminary assessment regarding your criminal case via e-mail or telephone.

Expertise in Criminal Law

Instructing a criminal lawyer in intermediate, main, enforcement or summary proceedings, too, is recommended. An experienced and assertive criminal defense lawyer can support you in dealing with the prosecution and the court, and achieve the best possible outcome in your criminal case. This may not always be a discontinuation of proceedings or an acquittal, but where a conviction is inevitable, could involve receiving a lower sentence.

The basic condition for an effective criminal defence is, in addition to careful study of the files, a relationship of trust and confidence between the client and his lawyer. Victims of criminal offences, too, should seek legal advice. We can report the offence for you, offer assistance to witnesses, and can lead you through any accessory private prosecution proceedings. Our lawyers are experts when it comes to dealing with criminal procedure, white-collar crime and cyber-crime. We also provide assistance and representation in cases involving pre-trial detention.

Remanded in Custody

Do you have questions about pre-trial dententions? Contact our criminal lawyer Mr. Philipp Busse today. Mr. Busse has experience of working as a public prosecutor  in Cologne and is familiar with the procedure and inner workings of the court system. He uses his know-how and training for the benefit of our clients. If you have any questions concerning issues relating to criminal law please contact us.

International Team of Lawyers

The international team of lawyers at Schlun & Elseven can advise and represent individuals and companies in criminal law matters fluently in the following languages: Arabic, German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

House Searches

Generally, when a house search occurs it is not completely unexpected. Nevertheless, in that situation people tend to be unprepared and do not know how to react. Having a German criminal lawyer, such as Mr. Philipp Busse, available to assist you will make this process easier.

Your lawyer will assist you in a range of ways: from the right way to behave during a search to your legal defensive possibilities and further to the best way to conduct yourself in the aftermath. If you have any further questions about house searches or need legal assistance, you are welcome to call us anytime or contact us for a free preliminary assessment via our online form or e-mail.

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