Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis 2020

Legal Solutions made in Germany

The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has led to great difficulties for many individuals and businesses. On this page you will find articles concerning legal issues in Germany as well as advice regarding resolving them. If you have a particular issue or legal question concerning events related to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, please contact our law office directly.

Corona Virus 2020: Legal Dashboard Germany

COVID-19 coronavirus is moving quickly as is the response to the virus. As countries close borders, as schools and businesses close, as quarantines and self-isolation takes hold and businesses implement mass home office operations our clients are starting to have serious questions about the legal implications of all of these measures. On this page, we will provide an overview of these legal issues in an aim to help people through this difficult time. The consequences of the coronavirus will last for a long time and the legal fallout will be difficult to quantify. Find the facts today about legal issues relating to COVID-19 coronavirus in Germany.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law: COVID-19 Coronavirus in Germany

COVID-19 coronavirus will have enormous ramification. During the current crisis, many companies are threatened by insolvency and bankruptcy as they face the challenge of meeting debts as they fall due. Shortfalls are arising as there is less economic activity globally. In this pressure situation with the pandemic and its consequences changes are being forced in the law. This is contributing to the creation of a mixed situation that is no longer easy for companies to understand. In particular, the danger of delaying insolvency should be kept in mind at an early stage.

At Schlun & Elseven, our insolvency lawyers in Germany are supporting our clients through this difficult time. On this page we make sure that companies are aware of these developments as they occur. Through personalised counsel we can assess your company’s situation with all the facts before us.

Corporate & Commercial Law and  COVID-19 Coronavirus Germany

COVID-19 coronavirus has hit the global economy hard. The effects of the virus will be felt for the next number of years. Nearly all sectors of the economy are threatened by the virus and many are feeling the impact already. This may be through bottlenecks and interruptions in supply chains, loss of personnel or the absence of customers with the corresponding economic consequences. Due to these problems it can be difficult for companies to carry out contractual obligations.

One of the real ways this virus is affecting companies is through the loss of contractual partners.  If companies do not know how to respond here it may result in them being hit hard financially. In this case, it is advisable to quickly carry out an assessment of the legal situation in order to protect against possible losses & risks in good time. Our lawyers will support you in all questions of commercial and corporate law.

Criminal law and COVID-19 Coronavirus Germany

With the courts not operating to normal capacity due to the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, the criminal justice system is also impacted. Serious cases involving potential prison sentences will be heard whereas others face delays. These postponements will have a big effect. The measures that are being introduced to encourage social distancing may also lead to new cases. This is especially the case in issues concerning quarantine and what constitutes breaking quarantine.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer on-hand to provide the support you need is now vital. Here at Schlun & Elseven our criminal law attorney Philipp Busse keeps our clients up-to-date and represented even at this difficult time.

Employment Law and COVID-19 Coronavirus in Germany

COVID-19 coronavirus is impacting many aspects of employment law in Germany. Many offices are sending their employees away to work home office en-masse to help reduce the rate of contagion while others are introducing “Kurzarbeit” (reduced working hours) measures. Furthermore, some people are facing enforced absences from work due to having to self-isolate themselves. How does quarantine affect their ability to earn? Do workers have a right to work from home-office? What happens if I get dismissed from my job due to issues relating to COVID-19? What are my responsibilities as an employer during this crisis?

With COVID-19 coronavirus in Germany, it is now a difficult time for everyone. Employers are facing a challenging business environment and employees are also facing an uncertain future. In our article on the issue we cover these topics and many other questions. Please read it to find the answers to these issues! Our employment law team led by Dr. Thomas Bichat, a certified employment law specialist, will provide you with the legal support you need should you require assistance!

Immigration Law and COVID-19 Coronavirus in Germany

As borders close in Germany and around the world due to COVID-19 coronavirus, it is a challenge for those seeking to come to Germany to know what they should do. The global situation is changing daily. So far, we have seen travel bans, borders closing and people warned against traveling. How does the COVID-19 impact visa applications? How does it impact those in Germany on short-term visas? Who is impacted by the German travel ban? How long will this travel ban last?

Through our articles we answer these questions and many more. We will keep the information coming as the situation changes and develops over the next few weeks and months. Read our articles for the answers to the above questions and for more infomation that you may require. For personalised and specialist assistance make sure to contact our firm directly! This is especially the case if you find yourself in one of these situations written about. Our articles can only provide generalised information and advice whereas our lawyers can look into issues in greater detail. Our immigration lawyers will remain working with our clients, from all over the world, throughout the duration of the current crisis.

Litigation and COVID-19 Coronavirus Germany

As in every other sector, the work of the courts has also been majorly disrupted by the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. How can the maintenance of justice continue in an environment where social distancing is strongly encouraged? What measures are courts taking to halt the spread of the virus? At Schlun & Elseven, we are committed to keeping our clients up-to-date when it comes to developments in the German legal system as they occur during this crisis. Read our articles to find out more about litigation during the time of COVID-19 coronavirus in Germany. If you want information as regards bringing your case to court, and whether that is possible in the current situation, then make sure to contact us directly using the contact details below.

Construction, Real Estate & Tenancy Law and COVID-19 Coronavirus in Germany

As COVID-19 coronavirus forces employers to close their businesses and workers face uncertain times due to a lack of income, it is vital to stay informed of developments in the field of tenancy law. Landlords also need to be aware of their rights when it comes to this crisis. We haven’t faced a crisis like this in Germany before and therefore it can be a challenge to find sources of accurate information. Here at Schlun & Elseven, we will keep you informed about developments as they occur in real estate and tenancy law during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. For specialised assistance throughout this crisis make sure to contact our lawyers directly.

On a similar note, our construction law team remain active. We continue to advise clients in this field concerning their construction projects around Germany. Should you require legal advice or assistance then make sure to get in touch with us.