The Community of Heirs in Germany

German Inheritance Lawyers

The Community of Heirs in Germany

German Inheritance Lawyers

Losing a beloved family member is difficult for families for many reasons. Dealing with the inheritance situation following a family member’s passing is just one of the consequences. If the testator leaves behind several heirs, a “community of heirs” is formed between them, leading to disputes regarding the inheritance.

The “community of heirs” under German law refers to the legal relationship between the heirs of a deceased person, in which they are jointly responsible for administering the deceased’s estate and distributing the assets among themselves. This legal concept, known as “Erbengemeinschaft” in German, is an essential aspect of German inheritance law and can have a significant impact on the distribution of assets and the rights of the individual heirs.

Understanding the laws and regulations surrounding the Community of Heirs is crucial for anyone involved in the administration of an estate or the distribution of assets in Germany. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our legal professionals advise clients on all matters relating to the community of heirs. Please do not hesitate to contact our firm directly for further legal advice and support.

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